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Curiosity + Inspiration = Options

Curiosity + Inspiration = Options

Curiosity + Inspiration = Options

Start by imagining your future… dream big within the realm of reality. Look past material possessions of the nice house, the flash car, the 5hr workdays from an exotic island…

Instead think about

  • How would you feel?
  • Who would you help?
  • Be curious, what if this is something you can achieve?
  • Be inspired, how can you get there from today

Anything you want in life you can get. You just need options. Options start with curiosity and turn into a plan that the critical step is to then TAKE ACTION to ignite change in your life.

Over time there has been countless examples of people changing the world, or at least changing their lives by creating options.

Eva Ekeblad born in 1724 created options that were credited to preventing famine in Sweden. Potatoes were an oddity in Sweden at that time, but her curiosity inspired the experimentation that discovered an enhanced technique to create alcohol, a process to create flour from potatoes and a replacement for the use of arsenic in face powders.  She was the first woman received into the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (unfortunately several years later her status was downgraded because she was a female). She was curious, she had ambition to achieve something, she was inspired, and she created options to succeed – and she took action on those options.

Olivetti was a leading typewriter company that was established in 1908. There was an employee caught taking parts home and his co workers turned him in and urged CEO, Adriano Olivetti to fire him. Instead, Olivetti listened to the man and discovered he was inspired to develop a new machine and did not have the time to do so on the job and he had the resources to do at home. Instead of being fired, the employee was given time to explore his idea and eventually produced the Divisumma, the first ever electronic calculator. The Divisumma was a worldwide success for over two decades and its creator, who turned his creativity and inspiration into options, was promoted to technical director.

The future you want can be achieved. It is not a necessity for you to be an entrepreneur and go out on your own to get to your goal, as sited above. It simply involves figuring out what you want, sometimes a good starting point is thinking about what you don’t want in life and work backwards from there. If you are not the ‘entrepreneur type’, be curious about the company you work for, and consider the options you have to progress in your career or in the products and services offered. If you are the ‘entrepreneur type’ be curious about what the world needs and what you can offer.

Be curious… ask what if?

Create quality questions! dont focus on the answer yet

Be inspired… ask how?

Curiosity + Inspiration = Options

And options are infinite.

Love Life  Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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I specialise in prioritising and sequencing initiatives, projects, programs to facilitate businesses to achieve their aspirational future along with easy and clear practices to manage strategic change and tactical change.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a globally renowned consultant and have managed over 2.5 billion in programs of work as well as set up complex portfolio management offices.

My goal is to help individuals and businesses of all sizes achieve their aspirational future with key focuses on:

  • Prioritising and sequencing to achieve goals; essentially doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way
  • Critical thinking for strategic and tactical change
  • Shift in mindset, principles, and practices
  • Attain clarity in your focus, improved prioritisation and decision making
  • Advice for merger and acquisitions – day one readiness and beyond

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Love Life Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


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