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Health Scare

Health Scare

‘Can you please come in to discuss your results?’

I can’t describe my entire thought process when I heard these words. This was a phone call I received from my Doctor in early 2019. I was 54 years old; I have a daughter who was only 5 at the time. I have never in my life had to go in to discuss results in person. I knew this was going to be bad news! I booked an appointment ASAP but still had to wait 2 days and 2 sleepless nights to get the results. 

I spent those two days operating on autopilot. I somehow got my daughter to school each day, I sat through work meetings and I think even contributed in them, I got dinner on the table each night all the while I obsessively going through all the possible scenarios in my head. The rational side of me was telling myself not to stress, wait until I know for sure before I worry, after all I have had symptoms for years and I am still alive and well- but in this situation all logic and rational goes out the window. My darkest thoughts- which would creep into my head at night was thinking about how life will be for my daughter without me, I had her at 49 my plan was not to leave her at 54. 

Rewind a few years further. I have had discomfort in my stomach for years, a history of glandular fever, rose river fever, irritable bowel syndrome and a leaky gut. Initially I was put on antibiotics, after some time I switched doctors. Everything started to improve then the unexplained weight gain hit. Nothing worked. When I got 15kg above my comfortable weight I decided to talk to my doctor who assured me it was because of ‘my age’.  I began to research stomach reduction surgery as it seemed like my only course of action. I insisted on getting a referral to a gut specialist. The specialist had to run some routine tests to determine whether I would be eligible for the surgery. 

And that is when I got my phone call. The phone call that turned my life around. In the course of testing for a ‘cosmetic surgery’ is when the specialist found Adenomatous polyps.  If left, these growths have a high chance of turning to cancer of the stomach and intestines. He wanted them removed within days. As relieved as I was that it was not as bad as I had feared, I knew this was serious. 

After my surgery I had a discussion with the specialist to understand what I needed to change to reduce these polyps forming again. He told me it is not about making drastic diet changes, I don’t have to completely cut out alcohol, or become a strict vegan, or quit sugar, or eat completely organic, but I do need to consider the quality of the product I choose to put in our bodies his advise was research sugar, additives put into meat products (he advised only purchase meat from a reputable butcher); research where I buy my fruit and vegetables from and quality of the water I drank and lastly, review the chemicals I used in my home.  His advice was amend those things and a long life you may have. 

Research I did – in abundance! 

During my recovery, while I was most motivated to make some lasting changes, I spent so much time researching .  There was one phrase that kept popping up: ‘Alkaline Water.’ I discovered that largely due to the foods and drinks we consume our bodies are becoming too acidic (low pH). A lot of serious illness can be attributed to having low pH levels in our bodies, and it is important for our health to keep our pH balanced. Alkaline (high pH) water can help stabilise our pH levels by counterbalancing the acidity in our diet. Ok I thought, I am going to give this a go!

Overwhelmed was an understatement when I decided to purchase an alkaline machine. There were so many products out there and such a huge difference in price. I read a lot of articles from sceptics, but I was in a desperate position and I didn’t see any articles saying it would hurt you. I noticed a lot of companies were putting information out there to discredit their competitors, they sounded like our politicians, saying more about what the other party was not doing and less about what they would do. Honestly, had I not been on bedrest I would have put it into the ‘one day’ pile.  I decided with confidence on the machine that produced variant ph levels of water from tap water. 

I started drinking my alkaline water. I’m sure each person is different, but for me I felt the changes straight away. To name a few I had more energy, I found it easier to consume than regular tap water and I didn’t get the bloated feeling afterward. The machine I purchased produced water with different levels of pH and after about a year of putting it into the ‘to do’ pile I finally got around to experimenting with the other settings. I wish I had done it sooner! I have not bought a single cleaning product since I started using the high acidic water for cleaning (it is a natural but powerful disinfectant that is stronger than bleach and used for sterilisation in some Japanese hospitals), another setting cleans meat, fruits and vegetables prior to preparing them (I have been amazed by what washes off them when washed in the right pH water), and I have even began experimenting in making my own beauty products and elixirs with amazing results that is saving me hundreds of dollars, let alone great results. So, in addition to creating a healthier version of myself, I have made my home free from toxins and chemicals, I’m saving money on beauty and cleaning products and saving storage space throughout my house.

I have made several changes since my health scare, I’ve become an advocate for natural oils, I use doTerra and am in love with their products and their ethos of giving back, but the use of the adjusted water has had a massive  impact on the health of myself and my family- my 86 year old, very set in her ways, mother has even been converted.

My advice to anyone who is looking into improving their health with alkaline water, essential oils or any other product: as overwhelming as it is, please please do your research. Not all products are made equally, expensive does not always mean quality and cheap does not always mean inferior. I would much prefer to see people make the change than be disheartened by all the information out there so I, of course am happy to share my research and personal experiences to anyone for free, no catches, that is passionate about improving their health and wellbeing. If you are one of those people feel free to get in contact with me at [email protected] 

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Ferne Eliz King 

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I specialise in prioritising and sequencing initiatives, projects, programs to facilitate businesses to achieve their aspirational future along with easy and clear practices to manage strategic change and tactical change.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a globally renowned consultant and have managed over 2.5 billion in programs of work as well as set up complex portfolio management offices.

My goal is to help individuals and businesses of all sizes achieve their aspirational future with key focuses on:

  • Prioritising and sequencing to achieve goals; essentially doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way
  • Critical thinking for strategic and tactical change
  • Shift in mindset, principles, and practices
  • Attain clarity in your focus, improved prioritisation and decision making
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Ferne Eliz King

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My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


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Health & A Clean Green Home

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Align your life and business using Ikigai

Align your life and business using Ikigai

Align your reason for being utilising Ikigai

The term Ikigai (pronounced “eye-ka-guy”) originates from Japan and can be traced as far back as the Heian period (794 to 1185). There is no direct English translation for the word, but it loosely translates to ‘your life purpose’ or ‘your reason for being.’

Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world and in some circles Ikigai is considered a contributing factor. Studies have discovered a link between early retirement and a shorter life expectancy. In Japan, an individual’s Ikigai will evolve over time so they will continue to have an Ikigai, or reason to live and be happy well beyond retirement age and into their senior years.

Ikigai is not exclusively related to work or money. In fact, only 31% of Japanese people consider work their Ikigai. Ikigai can be derived from family, friends, a dream, a positive outlook on life, or something more spiritual. Above all else Ikigai is a lifestyle that strives to balance the spiritual with the practical.

At the centre of the Venn diagram, where all five circles overlap, is where we find our true Ikigai or reason for living, there is an art and a science to working through this method.  I use this method in support of my “Ignite Change Program – Mastering Curiosity”.

For business, this balance can be found at the intersection where your passions and talents converge with the things that the world needs and is willing to pay for. With the right attitude, you can get paid doing what you love.

The Principles of Ikigai in business

  1. What you Love
    The first step is easier for some than others. Recognise your true passions in life. List all the things you love, the simple, the complicated and anything in between. In management discover what motivates your employees, and why your clients choose you.
  2. What the world needs
    Of everything left on your list, what does the world need? Where possible, avoid anything that has a higher supply than demand, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t. If you do anything well enough you will make a profit.
  3. What you can get paid for
    Realistically, how much profit do you need to cover your cost of living? How much to live comfortably? Work back from these figures when you are working out the price for your product or service. Consider how much time will be needed per sale, and how many sales you could manage per week. With the figure in mind, do you believe people will pay that price for your product or service?
  4. What you are good at
    I don’t entirely agree with the phrase ‘do what you love, and the money will follow’. Skills and knowledge are just as important to earn an income as a passion and motivation. Out of all the things you love, list the things you are also good at. If there is something you’d really love to do as a source of income that isn’t yet within your capabilities- you may simply need to work extra hard to strengthen your skills and knowledge.
  5. Health
    Health is holistic, environment, mind and body.  What do you need to do more of, less of, start and stop AND DO IT TODAY.  Do not underestimate the impact of good quality water in your life.  Given nearly 70% of our body is made up of water!  Yes good quality foods are important, but as important is good water.


Studies have shown having a life purpose will positively impact on your health from having improved sleep, mental health and cognitive function to a longer life span. The secret is to be driven by this purpose, and not get caught up with the ‘daily grind’.

In business, purpose drives success. Without purpose businesses focus on the metrics instead of how they are helping the world. This causes employees to lose motivation and the culture to become pessimistic. A collective purpose or a shared goal and value system where everyone understands and cares about the ‘why’ is fundamental for success. A vision statement is not enough, as it is not meaningful to your employees and therefore not considered in daily practice. Employees should be given the chance to add input when developing your companies Ikigai so they all have a sense of purpose. When making decisions on any level is it necessary to check that the action aligns to the purpose.

For individuals in business having a purpose increases your focus, enjoyment, and productivity. You will have more confidence making you more likely to persevere during the challenging times.

Finding Happiness

Ikigai does not mean happiness. Someone who has found their Ikigai will usually have a positive outlook on life and will therefore find happiness in small joys each day instead of chasing the dream of a future idea of happiness. Having meaning in life will motivate you to take better care of yourself and be healthier for it and will increase productivity, motivation and efficiency in the workplace.

If you would like to know more about how Ikigai could be applied to your personal of professional life, book a call.


Ferne Eliz King

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Curious about Actions for Your Tomorrow

Let’s have a 30 min free conversation and leave this call with a greater degree of curiosity and options. If you are an inspired individual or are in an inspiring business I’d love to listen to your journey, your challenges and your aspirations. I want to know about your superpower, everyone has one! I want to turn up your curiosity dial and create options that transition to actions OR rejig your current actions to achieve your tomorrow. I want you to leave this call with inspiration for your tomorrow.

About Ferne

My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


Rejig Focus To Take Inspiring Action

Health & A Clean Green Home

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Foundational action in transformation of you and or your business

Foundational action in transformation of you and or your business

Foundational action in transformation of you and or your business

Being healthy and having a clean and green environment (your immediate environment) is a foundational discussion point when I discuss transformation of an individual and or business.

How many of us dream of the lifestyle experience we wish to have and for many this is based on a what appears to be a simplistic statement of “Having good health, being happy.  Being good to ourselves and others including the environment and independent to make our own choices in life with enough abundance to follow our passions”.

OK, so we know what we want. We take stock of where we are. What is the gap.  Then we put actionable steps into place to close that gap.  My superpower is helping with the gap analysis and what actions to take in what order to achieve your goals.

ONE of the foundational steps is health with a clean and green life.

How many of us get confused with the chaos and quantity of information out there, anyone can put anything up on google!  How to sift through fact and fiction when researching key elements of a healthyclean and green life.

After having early signs of stomach cancer in 2019 my specialist asked me to focus on two things.

  1. Quality water, meat and fruit/vegetables: Our body is made up of 60-70% water and am I confident of the quality of water I am putting into my body to help it do what it is made to do,  and ensure I am buying meat, fruit and vegetables from reputable providers.
  2. Taking actions that suit me to have a strong Mindset. Ensure I am doing what I need that suits me to have a strong mindset, enjoy being in the moment of today and take actions to achieve my tomorrow taking on the lessons of yesterday – but do not dwell. I had been fortunate enough to be a student of Dr John Demartini, had been mentored by Dr Alicia Fortinberry and Michelle Murray with insights from Debbie Mewes and also had benefited from working with some exceptional CXO roles from around the world in some very significant organisations and programs of work.  Working with them certainly made an impact on how I approached and found solutions to issues or obstacles.  Everyone I was mentored by or partnered with tested my boundaries and helped me take different actions for myself.   So in 2019 I reached back into my knowledge bank and refreshed what I had learned and made it a priority to take new actions for myself.

I reawakened the focus on me! I was 54 years old with a 5-year-old and I plan to be around for an awfully long time.  I re-started research and education on health and a clean green life in the context of transformation.   My background is in transformation change of mid to large size corporations so I used the same methodology approach at uncovering the end goal I wanted to achieve for myself, where was I now in life and the actions I needed to take to fill the gap for me and in what order.

Did you know 80% of transformations fail, and of the people who set goals only 10% actually achieve them.  Yep the odds are against us… so I went about and reconnected with my mentors and doing more research.

What is the thing or things that more greatly ensures success?

Mindset, Health and Discipline with a morning or night routine that suits YOU, reduce your fear by managing your own voice.  BUT recognise these things do not occur overnight.  All need us to take different actions in different ways to achieve.  

One of my first actions was GETTING MY FOUNDATION RIGHT which was a healthier me (mind and body) and a clean and green life – I have a good morning and night routine so I felt good with that.

The below is a long read from what I researched over 6 months with a focus on health and a clean and green life.

Water – Fluoride; The Third Eye and Acidic and Alkaline water

What blew me away is I did not realise low acidic water and high alkaline water also benefited the environment and its significant benefit as a disinfectant and cleaner and many health ailments! I had no idea.  AND I found a product that produces all from low acidic through to high alkaline with gold certificates!  An all in one solution = drink, clean, disinfect, beauty and plants! 

There are FOUR primary factors to consider with drinking water:

  1. Are there other additives (bottled water or town supply water)?
  2. Is there any scientific proof on this view of our third eye, pineal gland, our 7th Chakra and ‘quantum leaping’ where external elements impact water, and given our body is 60-70% of water does external impacts then affect us as humans?
  3. How acidic or alkaline is it (and what does it mean)
  4. Mineral composition

There are water testing kits you can get from local hardware or chemists if you wish to do a broad range of tests.  I also have a testing videos if you wish to see some of those.

An example of interruptions to your water quality in Australia over the summer of 2019 – 2020.  We had horrendous fires and due to the volume of water being pumped through our water ways to help fire departments with trucks and air water carriers the typical water treatment process was turned off as it could not cope with the volume of water being put through.  There is an attached link which shows you a media article– but buried in the middle of our papers.  Not on the front page.   But then for me, I also question what is in that water treatment, I am sure there are some good things – but I also question the additives added.  Either way .. for me it was about taking control of what water I was drinking, not trusting what just came out of the tap.

Researching alternate views of water additives and the impact of water quality on our bodies and our brain was my focus. 

I got really lost in all the conflicting material on water additives, the benefits or otherwise.  The below is where I landed on my key opinions.  Fluoride, the third eye, quantum leaping and facts on acidic and alkaline water.  (if you go down the path of researching these areas be prepared for some widely conflicting advice – my recommendation is open your mind and ask yourself what is the consequence if you don’t take some of the research seriously).

The benefits or otherwise of fluoride in our water and toothpaste has long been a contention of they said / we said and different research. 

It is widely reported how fluoride originated, the conspiracy theories talk about Hitler injecting fluoride to prisoners of war to keep them docile, this has been confirmed but it is what followed WWII that impacted my decision to stop all fluoride in my home.

“The ALCOA Company had an unlimited supply of toxic waste—a by-product of aluminum, AKA fluoride. At their lab, an ALCOA-sponsored biochemist did a test on rats that showed cavities were reduced with the fluoridated water and concluded that: “The case should be regarded as proved.” In this historic moment in 1939, the first public proposal that the US should fluoridate its water supplies wasn’t made by a doctor or a dentist, but an industry scientist working for a company that was also threatened by fluoride damage claims.”

More about the history and use of fluoride.  I read hours of documentation, this is one I tagged as a good read and summarised well much of the research I covered.

The Third Eye is how we help manage our voice that talks to us (one of the benefits) 

There is enough scientific evidence of humans having a third eye, the pineal gland.  Fluoride has been proven to calcify the pineal gland.  There are many many things we can do to activate and use our third eye, also known as the 7th Chakra and called a parietal eye.

It is also found in certain species of lizards, sharks, bony fish, salamanders and frogs. It typically does not see but is instead photoreceptive in nature.  In humans it is buried deep in the brain. It is especially important for hormone regulation in mammals and vertebrates.

Activation of the third eye is a step I use in transformation of you and your business.  It plays a crucial role in your health and wellbeing and your ability to manage your thoughts with a direct correlation to your moods and what actions you take for yourself.   It has been proven that children and adults with a dormant pineal gland are more likely to suffer depression, find it hard to consistently stick to actions that can help change their mindset, suffer from anxiety and many other ‘thinking’ challenges.

The question I pose to people is what comes first Action or Mindset?  Different actions in differing ways with differing mentors and people achieve a different mindset.  There are many tools and methods out there to help us – BUT if your pineal gland is not activated or at its optimum you have a tougher road ahead to consistently stick to actions you want for yourself.

A strong pineal gland will critically assist with managing your thoughts, managing your thoughts has a significant impact on having a healthy body, particularly if you believe in Quantum Leaping in respect of water taking on what it is surrounded by thoughts and sound.

Quantum Leaping in relation to water quality within our bodies is how we help be in the best possible position for preventative health issues

Now this is pushing the envelope for many mainstream people.  So, skip this section if the above third eye pineal gland was a push for you and go straight to acidic and alkaline water research.  If you are curious about emerging studies on Quantum Leaping relating to water leverage the research I have done.

Description One: “An advance or sudden change is a quantum leap. … The phrase comes from a scientific term — in physics, a quantum leap is the abrupt change of a particle from one state to another. The Latin root, quantum, means “how much.”

Description Two: “great improvement or important development in something”

Words have been found to affect water crystals. Japanese researcher and healer, Dr. Masaru Emoto, conducted experiments on water molecules. These experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically alter the molecular structure of water.Oct 12, 2017

When subject to positive emotions (and words that invoke positive feelings) water molecules change into beautifully shaped structures. However, when subject to negative emotions or words, the molecules morph into jarring, chaotic shapes. Jan 6, 2018

Water charged with “positive” words, in contrast, has a clear, snowflake structure, covered by beautiful patterns. Music, as well words, can also affect water structures. … create water spoils, such as trembling and vibration, whereas Mozart’s music creates smooth crystal-clear structures. Sep 18, 2015

Emoto claims that human speech or thoughts have dramatic effects on water. … Emoto claims that positive words and emotions, classical music and positive prayer directed at the water produce beautiful crystals, while negative words and emotions and crude music, such as heavy metal, produce ugly crystals.Feb 17, 2011

Typically, your brain is functioning on Beta waves frequencies (14–40 HZ; concentration & alertness) so it will take you some time to get to the frequency of 4- 8 HZ. You will have to surpass the alpha waves first (8–14 HZ; relaxed focus, light meditation).Jan 31, 2019

SO … there is a lot to take in!  I use a Synctuition program for meditation.  I will let you do the research on it.  I find it fantastic for me.

My summary of the above, if you take fluoride from your intake, activate your pineal gland (third eye), actively surround yourself with positive thought, people with less fear than the average, good sound frequency, taking actions to achieve a good mindset the water in your body will be of better QUALITY and you will have less side effects. – but wait there is more.. what if the quality of water you put into your body also accelerated this journey!?

Alkaline Water .. this covers health as well as a clean and green home. This is not something to learn overnight, but once learned will change your life

Tap water produces 7pH, mid-range in the acidic and alkaline water range.

One of the topics I talk about is a water machine (that has gold certificates for its authenticity and is 40+ years in production based in Japan).  It produces water from 2.5pH up to 11.5pH.

The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline

You may have heard various health claims about alkaline water. Some say it can help slow the aging process, regulate your body’s pH level, and prevent chronic diseases like cancer, some brain specialist advocate it helps Parkinsons, children behviour disorders and a range of health issues driven from the health of our organs and brain. But what exactly is alkaline water, and why all the hype?

I wish to be very clear, I am not saying alkaline water will FIX or CURE any health issue.  What I am advocating for is the right management of acidic and alkalinity in your body will help your body more ably do what it is programmed and built to do.  Defend and protect us from harm. 

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body.

Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9. However, pH alone is not enough to impart substantial alkalinity to water.

Alkaline water must also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant. The more negative the ORP value, the more antioxidizing it is.

Does it really work?

Alkaline water is somewhat controversial. Some health professionals say there is not enough research to support the many health claims made by users and sellers. Differences in research findings may be related to the types of alkaline water studies.

I am representing to you what I found after six months of research and 12 months of my own use and the use by my mother who is 84. 

According to the Mayo Clinic regular water is best for most people. They state that there is no scientific evidence that fully verifies the claims made by supporters of alkaline water.

We were also told for many years contraceptive had no side effects, that pesticides used on our fruit and vegetables have no impact on our digestion.  I am at the point where I want to own my own comfort, I wish to be better educated to make my own decisions for my health.  I do not want to be back at a doctors again and be told stomach cancer has returned.

However, there are studies that suggest alkaline water is helpful for many conditions.  There was enough research for me, particularly in relation to the effect of hydration and alkaline water on the brain.

For example, a 2012 studyTrusted Source found that drinking naturally carbonated artesian-well alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 may help deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid reflux.

Another study suggested that drinking alkaline ionized water may have benefits for people with high blood pressurediabetes, and high cholesterol.

more recent study that included 100 people found a significant difference in whole blood viscosity after consuming high-pH water compared to regular water after a strenuous workout. Viscosity is the direct measurement of how efficiently blood flows through the vessels.

There are studies on benefits to professional athletes which I have included in a persona view in the below link

Those who consumed high-pH water reduced viscosity by 6.3 percent compared to 3.36 percent with standard purified drinking water. This means blood flowed more efficiently with alkaline water. This can increase oxygen delivery throughout out the body.

Many professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and many many others swear by good quality and management of alkaline water is a contributor to their edge.

There are many doctors who support alkaline water for many benefits.  I have collected those articles and are available on request.   These include:

  • anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
  • colon-cleansing properties
  • immune system support
  • hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • weight loss
  • cancer resistance

They also argue that soft drinks, which are notoriously acidic, have incredibly positive ORPs leading to many health problems, while properly ionized and alkalinized waters have highly negative ORPs. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has a slightly negative ORP.

Possible side effects and risks of alkaline water

Although alkaline drinking water is considered safe, it may produce negative side effects. Education is a key aspect of changing any element of your health.

It is proven that if humans are confused, they will walk away or not act.  I was VERY confused when I researched the benefits of adjusted water pH and its impact.  But for me the consequence of getting cancer back in my stomach outweighed my confusion and I kept researching.

What I do is ensure I drink 7pH an hour before and after food intake.  Then up my pH drinking to 9.5pH for the balance of the day, specifically at times of exercise and meditation.  I have also significantly reduced the quantity of food I eat.

I use a KETO test in my urine once a week to check my acidity and alkaline levels

Some examples of negative side effects include the lowering of natural stomach acidity, which helps kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

Additionally, an overall excess of alkalinity in the body may cause gastrointestinal issues and skin irritations.

Alkalosis can also cause a decrease in free calcium in the body, which can affect bone health. However, the most common cause of hypocalcemia isn’t from drinking alkaline water, but from having an underactive parathyroid gland.  I found much of the negative research I found focused on this bone health issue, but in many – most cases it was a minor risk or contributor and there were other things that had a greater impact.  I also found that good management of alkaline water assisted with an underactive parathyroid gland which in turn then would assist with good bone health.  There were many needles in the hay stack and long spaghetti strings I unraveled!

One thing I had to be cautious of was the number of negative articles about Alkaline Water to only find they had links or had alignment with alternate money income generating recommendations.  They were promoting their own interest’s vs true health benefits.

Natural or artificial?

Water that is naturally alkaline occurs when water passes over rocks — like springs — and picks up minerals, which increase its alkaline level.

The Japanese water product machine I purchased is made in Japan, 40+ years in production. The water passes over charged plates that are separated by an ion-permeable membrane. The electrostatic charge on the machine’s plates causes the minerals in tap water – calcium and magnesium – to be separated from the acidic carbonate that they are mixed within the water.

Many people who drink alkaline water buy alkaline water that is been through a chemical process called electrolysis.  The benefit of the machine I have also lowers pH to acidic water – the water range is 2.5 up to 11.5pH.

The water quality of the original source, before ionization, is crucial to ensuring contaminants are not present in the drinking water, the best result is a water filtration AND ionization.

Clean and Green Home

2.5pH is hospital grade disinfectant and 11.5pH is a cleaner that does everything from kitchen, ovens included, bathroom and all of home.  I am amazed at its benefits.  There is an e-book produced to cover the benefits and use.  Again .. I am amazed at the difference of sustaining my own home and my other who is 84 is a convert!

Beauty Water

6pH is a wonderful addition – replacement to my beauty routine as well as the health of my plants.  Again, I am amazed, and benefits are covered in this e-book. (go to website and find free giveaways) 

Where do you get it?

After my research I decided on Enagic as the company to purchase my machine from.  I love the guarantee of quality, I align to the ethics and values of the company based in Japan, it produces the full range of water that also covers disinfectant and cleaner in my home PLUS I’ve always had good skin, but maintaining that with all the changes that occur as a 50+ women was starting to concern me.

I just love the holistic aspects this one machine provides me.

There is lots of chatter online about the price of Enagic machines to other machines on the market.  Again, I did my research and happy to share it.  Bottom line for me, especially after years in the corporate world.  Enagic have priced their product for long term sustainability and keeping it out of the hands of what we would call mainstream corporations who would patent and alter its go to market proposition that the proceeds benefit a few vs many.

If you wish to book a call I can explain further how this works, but I am very impressed with the structure and business savvy of how this Japanese company has structured itself, its business model and sustainability throughout yesterday and the future.

You can also make your own at home. Even though lemon and lime juices are acidic, they contain minerals that can create alkaline by-products once digested and metabolized. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to a glass of water can make your water more alkaline as your body digests it. Adding pH drops or baking soda is another way to make water more alkaline.

We have heard for years the benefit of a lemon drink on rising in the morning – I did not realise the science behind it.

If water is properly filtered to remove contaminants, ionized and re-mineralized, or purchased from a quality source, there is no evidence to suggest a limitation on how much alkaline water can be consumed daily.


Firstly congratulations if you read all the way through… I would LOVE your feedback.  That was a big reading task.

Back to the anchor, the purpose.  If you or your business are challenged in the actions to achieve your tomorrow my superpower is to help understand the gap between your dreams and aspirations to your reality of today.  Then help put actionable steps into place in a timely manner to achieve your outcomes – quickly.

I do this with individuals and small to mid sized business.  If you are a mid to large sized business I have partnered with an awesome consulting firm who offer broader services than an individual can support.

To help improve the opportunity of success of your transformation it is critical to be healthy (mind and body) and have a clean and green life.  Learn from my research and experience to kick start your journey to get to your end goal as quickly as possible with sustainability.

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A click funnel I created to help summarise the benefits to specific personas on the use of ionized water.  There is also a link through to a wonderful website full of pictures, recipes for food and a clean and green home – office.  Plus a link to the ebook also above.

My website which has my why and freebies to give away. 

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There is a PDF I am developing and will place on my website of the long list of uses of water from 2.5ph up to 6pH then 7 to 9.5ph and 11.5ph… and it’s just water! Saves so much money and is good for the environment and good for you. If you email me I will send you a copy. It is just mind boggling the uses of the water.  [email protected]

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My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


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Health & A Clean Green Home

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What would your current day self say to the younger version of you about money?

What would your current day self say to the younger version of you about money?

What would your current day self say to the younger version of you about money?

A large percentage of people do not have an emergency fund that covers 3 mths and many live pay cheque to pay cheque.

  • US statistics say 53% do not have emergency funds beyond 3 months and 49% live pay check to pay check, and that study was prior to COVID.

Pay cuts, losing jobs, closing businesses – the heart ache is real here in Australia & New Zealand.

I’ve re written this article many times fearful of rejection.  What can I contribute that would be of value to others, I am certainly no financial advisor.  I’m ‘a-typical’ of my peer group in that I have had my ups and downs financially and Im holding out ok .. but no shining star award to qualify for a voice relating to money.   But I kept waking up feeling my next blog needed to be about money and helping drive people to be curious to create options .. my superpower is helping to inspire people to be curious, to develop options and then put tangible actionable steps in place based on their story or circumstance – so here goes.

This blog is my current self talking to a younger version of me about money

Ferne, treat money as you would a best friend.  Keep them close, honour them, don’t discredit them behind their back, envisage and dream what choices you could make in life by having them more abundant day to day in your life. Do not put them down, do not blame them for all the wows in your world.  Treat money as if a close loved and cared for friend.

In 2012 Ferne you will have a closet full of awesome shoes purchased from all over the world, you will have accessories galore – you will have a reputation of giving giving giving.  You will have consistently traveled the world for a number of years with your job.  A few New York suits and lots of accessories will be your packing items.  You would have spent a significant amount of money on a gorgeous new home, you would have spent a significant amount of money on IVF treatments over 8 years.  You would have treated yourself and others to frequent overseas trips creating memories, you would have cared for family and taken loved ones into your home, you would be an exceptional carer for those treasured god children.  You would have dabbled in importing and selling furniture items but in truth kept half of them ‘cause you loved them’.  You would have a salary package that will be beyond what you had ever dreamed of – you would also be a workaholic.  You have spent the last handful of years working with an exceptional bunch of people leading a top tier global company.  There were so many lessons, so many quality people, you participated in the success, contributed to the success and were valued for the person that you are.

But a message to my younger self, in 2013 the dream you did not think would occur does, you give birth to a beautiful daughter, you will be 49 years of age .. but you will also be made redundant in the same year.  You will make a decision when you were fearful to sell your beautiful home (at a loss), you will loose confidence in your power of making good decisions because of fear.  It will take you a few years – 5 years in fact –  to rebuild that power and intention … but have confidence you will do it, you (we) are resilient and we do not stay down.  There will be another crises that occurs in 2020, but you would have put plans in place to ride that through.  There will be more crises that occur in the world, and likely more frequent … keep listening to your voice and treat money as a friend.

I’ve put some words together for you Ferne to help keep you focused with intentional actions relating to money; always be curious, always create options, never stop taking actions. 

Ferne, When you go to buy something, figure out quickly if it is a need or a want.  If it is a want, put that money aside into an emergency fund until you have at least 8 to 12 months of emergency funds available.   A crises will occur in 2020 and you will be afforded some relief through subsidies .. put as much of this aside as you can into emergency funds, don’t spend it on wants.  You will have a salary decrease, when you’re salary increases again .. put that same amount, or as much as you can into your emergency fund.

Write this down and put inside your wallet :

100$ a month put aside into an emergency fund from the age of 25, earning over its life 12% return will give you 1M at 65 years of age.

100$ a month in the same scenario but from 35 will provide you 300K. You have just cost yourself 700K as you may choose wants over needs.

 Be strong in working on your fears, challenges and blockages to be the best YOU in this life.  Learn to listen consistently to your own voice, what is the story you want to be told at your Eulogy or researched on google when you are no longer here.  What actions are you taking from today forward to make that a reality – particularly relating to money and the life of passion and intent you wish to lead.

Choose a few people who will inspire you relating to the money sector of your life.  Listen, observe, learn, change learned behaviours from your childhood about money.  Conduct exercises that break down those blockages ‘money does not grow on trees’, ‘you’ve worked hard today – go treat yourself, you deserve it’.  Choose one or two financial super heros – LEARN! 

Just because money is coming in and going out does not mean you are ok if you do not have 8 to 12 months emergency funds.  It just means you are surviving, confront yourself on choices you make and the why you make them.  Stand in your truth ; look yourself in the mirror and be truthful about the choices you made that got you here.  THEN let the past go and focus on your next chapter.

Ferne, the main obstacle to wealth is fear.  You will become a leader in transformation change and help people every day with putting plans in place to mitigate fear in businesses and achieve their tomorrow.   Apply that same method, that same logic and action these steps NOW:

Find the answer to these questions: What is your fear in relation to money?  Why don’t you get pleasure out of saving money .. why do you get more pleasure out of spending money ….  And if you do get pleasure out of saving money, what is that driver you can leverage.  Unless you know the answer to these question you cannot create actionable intentional action to alter.  Find the answers then;

Put a crises management plan in place! What mitigations do you put into place to mitigate this fear from being realised.  If the fear is realised and becomes a real live issue, what are the actionable steps you agree with yourself PRIOR to the fear / issue occurring that you will immediately put into place to deal with that.  Write it down, sign it, then file it.  Making a plan about actions to take if the fear is realised when you are confident – when you are in hour power is key.  We do not make good decisions for ourselves when we are in the powerless or fear character.

Ensure your back yard is in order, that you have a Will you revisit every 5 years, that you have a power of attorney for medical and financial decisions, you have a medical emergency plan written and understood by your nominated authorised person, if you have minors you nominate your wish for them .. or nominate a few you trust to have a conversation and make that determination.  DO THIS IMMEDIATELY to mitigate the increased risk of something occurring to you as we face some global disruptions in years to come.

Then turn your focus to mitigations for the fear not to be realised, turn up your curiosity, map out some options, create actionable – tangible steps. Spend more time thinking of options and actions and TAKING those actions than you think about your fear.

Ferne, do not dwell on shame relating to money topics or choices that have been made in the past.  Stand in the truth, why are you in the position you are in now .  You have been brought up in your early life of hearing “we deserve to be treated, we deserve that holiday, we deserve to have that new phone, we wish to provide for others what we did not have .. we put things before money, YOU are responsible to alter that thinking to money before things” 

Create a strong value system relating to money Ferne.  I know you believe in being valued for who you are over what you have, but make sure you take actions based on these values.    

The past is the past .. it is only valuable if you learn from it . Right here, right now is what matters. Visualise when money comes in you will put money into an emergency fund , there will be another crises, don’t know when or what, but there will be more over your life.  

Think about the life that is possible if you treat money as a friend. 

Be grateful that you have a wonderful mind and thought process that enables you to think of various ways or channels to create multiple streams of income from things you are passionate about.  Those memories you create with people from experiences you enable.. don’t ever stop doing that, but do it AFTER you have your emergency funds tucked away

Live below your means but within your needs.  Take these actions at least until you have 8 to 12 months emergency funds available.  Every time you go to buy something ask if this is a want or a need.  If it is a want .. walk away and put that money into your emergency fund

Do not complicate definition of a need .. a need is food, medicine, travel to work or job interviews, minimal clothing for your needs . A want is food at a restaurant, travel to visit friends, a fourth pair of shoes, the next version of i-phone

And Ferne, this one is a hard one for me to talk to as I know your future and you do not as yet.  My word of advice when it comes to romantic relationships and money.

Communication with your partner relating to money is critical especially when you come from different backgrounds, different experiences with money, different messages, different fears and blockages.  If you have a partner and you have one vision and treat money with the same value you have a formula for success.  If you do not your formula needs to be adjusted – amended or there will be challenges and the saying ” to death us to part, quickly alters to, to debt do we part’. If you have one vision and your partner has another vision you will be in  different vehicles, and that is ok until you hit a bumpy road or a crises and the vehicles end up going in different directions.

Get into the same vehicle with any future partner you have!  Know about financial behaviour before you get deeply involved, and be prepared to address head on any disconnect to make it work – BEFORE a crises occurs.  It is like a business continuity plan .. create a crises plan before a crises occurs.

In wrapping up Ferne, I ask you to please reflect on these statements

  • Get as much pleasure saving as you do spending
  • An emergency fund is a non negotiable, at least 8 to 12 months
  • Power attracts opportunity and money
  • Powerless repels opportunity and money
  • You are in the drivers seat of your life, what gear are you in, what road are you taking on your journey to success relating to money, who are in the passenger seats
  • Address your fears and challenges, get answers – turn up curiosity=options, then create actionable steps- and TAKE THEM
  • Communicate and get in the same vehicle, relative to money, with any future partner
  • Ensure your own back yard is in order relating to what occurs to money if you are compromised, and the less you have the more important this is
  • Be more to have more 
  • To be more you need to know more about how you deal to money

Ferne, in your mid 50s you will …. 

  • Be surrounded by friends who are outcome, action orientated inspiring people relating to financial independence, keep surrounding yourself with people who DO.
  • Have sourced an excellent advisor and accountant who also has a great bookkeeper to take the mundane out of your world and free you up to write blogs!
  • Listen to a lady called Suze Orman who gives away more than she asks and story tells in a way that resonates with you. You will listen to her podcasts and FREE 12 hours of advice downloadable program which helps you in our next chapter.
  • Through your on line transformation work a financial advisor finds you who is a wonderful centred soul and is passionate about helping families realise their dreams of tomorrow Joseph Panthradil, Financial Adviser & Loans Specialist.

Ferne, I am going to sign off now as I cannot pass on too many secrets of your (our) future that is now.  But in the hopes of inspiring you, we do love Saturday mornings with our daughter, it is a special time of the week we both love, our mother who is 84 lives on our beautiful property in a tiny house on wheels, the build and design we did for her has over 1.6M views on Living Big in a Tiny House you tube channel – WHO WOULD KNOW !  We had a cancer scare last year, but all is fine we rejigged our food and water and home environment getting rid off chemicals, mum did too!  Numerology says that we are entering a new phase of life at 55 and it feels so real, the moon has been brilliant this week and we have been out walking in the night dreaming of our tomorrow. 

We are happy, healthy and we have an emergency fund.

Ferne Eliz King

Love Life  Love YOUR Life

Curious about Actions for Your Tomorrow

Let’s have a 30 min free chit chat. If you are an inspired individual or are in an inspiring business I’d love to listen to your journey, your challenges and your dreams. I want to know about your superpower, I can help you with that- everyone has one! I want to turn up your curiosity dial and together create options and then actions, rejig your actions to achieve your tomorrow. I want you to leave this call believing in yourself,
being inspired and having hope for the future.

About Ferne

My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


Rejig Focus To Take Inspiring Action

Health & A Clean Green Home

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A clean and a green home – why wouldn’t you?

A clean and a green home – why wouldn’t you?

Taking Your Power Back!

So many large environmental impacts have been slowed down and or stopped around the world.  We have been forced to rethink the way we work, the way we go about our day.

We can see the positive impact on our environment.  BUT at some stage we will start back up again.  What habits would we have changed in OUR HOMES to improve and SUSTAIN a cleaner and healthier home?  Do not use the excuse you do not have time.  You HAVE to have the time and you cannot afford to not take action.

The consequences are too severe for the environment, for you as an individual and your family.    The action is simple .. one simple action can solve for your health, paying forward and having a clean green home .. easy !!  Let’s have a chat.

This is a perfect time to change habits in our homes, to achieve a cleaner, greener refuge.  Many, like me, have used the old excuse of “I don’t have time”, I don’t have time to research what’s best, I don’t have time to learn, I don’t have time to apply – I just don’t have time.

Well the truth is now most of us are at home 100%, no travel time, no excuses AND IT’S TIME!

We should want to do what we can to have a greener home for our health and the health of our planet.  I’m no ‘greeny’ – but I did not actually realise how easy one simple action could impact me, my family and the environment so positively – while giving me a medical grade disinfectant for my home.

My mum who is 84 lives in a tiny house on our property.  She is the old school cleaner of white vinegar and newspaper with a good mix of Jif, White King and numerous sprays.  Her cleaning cupboard used to be a source of anything and everything for all occasions!

That’s all changed – for both of us.  We now use water to clean and disinfect .. yep – water!  Our grocery bill has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced!! .. and importantly we feel better about what we are doing in our own homes to sustain our environment.

We use a machine to alter the pH of our tap water.  For cleaning we use 11.5 pH and disinfectant we use 2.5pH.

You cannot afford to not take action – now more than ever we have to reeducate ourselves on HEALTH and a CLEAN AND GREEN home.

I won’t cover it all here .. but a few things.


Use of 11.5 pH water :  (yes, again .. WATER ) ..

Good nights sleep, dash just before bedtime releases Melatonin, along with thinking good positive thoughts and what puts a smile on your face will ensure a good night sleep … and there is more ..

The water can be used for make up removal, puffy eyes, hot bath soak, nasal wash for allergies, cold symptoms, snoring, bug spray repellent, bug bites, sunburn, food poisoning, stomach flu, arthritis, gout, muscle soreness or tissue injury, HANGOVERS and migranes, chemotherapy, cleaning pesticides from fruit and vegetables, cleaing and tenderising meat, laundry soap – especially for those that work in smelly environments, stains on clothes,  rugs, carpets, oven cleaner, dishwasher and polishing silver.  

Use of 2.5 pH water:  (yes, again ..WATER )

Kills all microbes – rinse fruit and vegetables! USE FOR DISINFECTING ANYTHING – put in a spray bottle and carry in your handbag !

2.5pH can also be used for… antibacterial soap, facial lifting and tightening, brush and gargle – awesome preventative!, stops vomiting, kills bacteria in open wounds, treat nail fungus, poison ivy, pink eye, fever blisters, cancer sores, moles and warts. For infected sinuses – spray with 2.5pH – rinse with 11.5 pH.


Simply amazing .. I have been using consistently in my home for the last few months and am amazed !!  I am ashamed to say I used 9.5pH healthy drinking water for hydration benefits long before I took the cleaning settings seriously.

My mum has been using for the last few weeks and is absolutely astonished .. I will put a video and post in here of her in the next week or so.

You cannot afford to not take action – now more than ever we have to re-educate ourselves on HEALTH and a CLEAN AND GREEN home.

Action … give me a call (click here and book through my website) to have a chat or email to ask a question !

email : [email protected]

I normally post about transformation of individuals and businesses, you see I am a management consultant who specialises in delivering transformation change of businesses.

Like many I have a few investment interests to help boost my superannuation plans.

Passive income is one of those lines of activity, it does well – typically more than my super fund returns as a %!

With what is occurring around us at present I am profiling one of the medical grade products I direct sale and use in my and my mothers own homes with a driver being ‘paying forward’ and letting people know about this awesome experience and product.

I’m usually more subtle .. but we have been hit between the eyes with this virus .. and this one product is an AWESOME solution for improved health and a clean and green home.

Ferne Eliz King

Love Life Love YOUR Life

My Mum and I; resilience and health is everything!!

My Mum and I; resilience and health is everything!!

My mums 84th birthday, cleaning and disenfectant WATER, gardening cloves up to her elbows (as the skin gets thinner as you get older)

Focusing on getting our comfort back.  Tomorrow will be different than yesterday and what are WE doing today to be comfortable with what tomorrow brings. This blog covers my mum who is 84, me at 55 and my 6 year old daughter.  My mum lives independently in a tiny house on wheels on our property..

We can do this!  We can get our comfort back.  I’ve noticed this week a greater level of comfort than last weeks inconvenience, disruption, fear and hope.  Everyone is still adjusting … This blogg is to tell our story and help to get our comfort back with a focus on health and our home.  As we move forward having a heightened focus on mindset, health and our immediate environment in our home.

Mindset and health are paramount, it is the foundation in moving forward.  If we don’t have either at a certain level anything that follows will be ‘wobbly’. If we are not solid on mindset and health it will hinder us in the future, it will slow us down, it will hinder our focus.

Resilience is something we have within ourselves; we all have it.  In fact Australian and New Zealand women and families are renowned for it across the world.   Recognise you have it, draw on it.  Recognising the resilience, we have built up over our lives will be critical over the coming months; take comfort in knowing that we have the resilience to support ourselves. Resilience is not something that we just start doing, it is something we have built up over time.  What resilience have you built up in your life?  What history of resilience have you got in your family, in your community?

Mum has HUGE resilience, her father passed away when she was still in nappies, her mum raising the kids on her own for many years, and my mothers mum took in a cousin as well to raise.  There was a family tragedy of an aunty taking her and her childrens lives through years of an abusive husband.  My mum had 9 pregnancies with 3 surviving children, she has been married 3 times, every marriage, bless her, was a happy one.  But here she is at 84 on her own, all three husbands have passed and are no longer living.  She is 1 of 4 siblings and her and her eldest sister who is 90 are the surviving sisters.  She fortunately has the joy that all three of her precious children are alive and healthy.  She has been in some successful business ventures and some terrible financial disasters.  She won a small amount of lotto once. I remember that phone call of excitement, it came just at the right time for her.  I also remember the phone call to advise my dear stepfather who was a wonderful man had terminal cancer, and mum had cancelled their private insurance cover the month prior to save money.  Mum has a massive resilience reserve to support her through the next few months.   In fact she comes from a long line of resilient women and families and passed that down to us.

My resilience bank draws on experiences with childhood challenges, drinking at a very young age (so many experiences where I should not have woken up the next day!), not valuing myself but at an early age recognising something related to Entrepreneur Mindset which of course I did not know what to label or call it at the time.  I got married, which did not last.  I’ve had a long term relationship which has recently broken down.  I have had a very successful professional career taking me around the world, I had turned myself into a workaholic and ‘high achiever’.  At a very young age I was told I could not have children which really shaped my 30’s to be a workaholic and the fun girl.  I recall quite clearly telling a guy I had been dating for a few months the news I could not have children (at what point do you tell someone?).  We were in a restaurant, he stood up and abused me for wasting his time. mmmmmm.. that was an experience.  So single I stayed – why would I re enter that world of the unknown?  Then, due to a breakthrough in fertility treatment, to be given options in my early 40’s of having children… too late I said, then on reflection I realised actually how much I would like to raise a child.  I have many many god children, probably because they thought I would not have my own ..ha ha.  Anyway 8 years and 15 rounds of IVF followed …. Which eventuated in my little girl being born!!  In my 49th year! 

Something I’ve realised with my recent relationship breaking down is I’ve never been alone without my dad or a man in my life.  I have certainly been single for most of my adult life, but my dad was there.  And he was the greatest support – always believing in all of his children.  I meet my current partner while dad was alive.  Now I’m standing here a bit wobbly as my dad is not there to say – it will all be ok Ferne, you’ve got this.  

My bottom line is at 55 years I thought I would be further along in my comfort zone than what I am.  I thought I would have retired, happily travelling the world with my little girl in tow visiting all my friends and creating experiences and memories and having a wonderful base to come back home to, with a solid bank account to never have to check the balance on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. That is not my current reality.   I have stopped looking at my superannuation balance in the last week !

So step it up I will … I have resilience, my mother has resilience we have a long history of resilience in our family, in our communities in the Southern Hemispher.  We do things every day to ensure our mindset is strong and focused.  I meditate each day, mum gardens every day – it helps form our foundation.  I am very fortunate that I have an Entrepreneur mindset.. It’s in my blood, in my bones.  I have passion and I’m retraining myself on how to take my knowledge + passion and influence others more broadly than I otherwise would have without social networks!!

What has occurred in your life to give you resilience?  Draw on it now and focus on your mindset.

So how does this help with our tomorrow?  The inconvenience, risk, fear and uncertainty that is occurring today in our lives in March 2020 all around the world.  We have to make sure this one event is not the event that brings you undone, it’s not THE thing that takes all your reserves of resilience and uses it up all at once.  Do not empty your resilience tank! 

“The outcome of a choice made in fear will always be more of the same”– Paul Selig.

Every single one of us is dealing with a collective event never experienced before by most of us in our lifetimes.  And let’s be honest…it is terrifying.

Draw on your resilience you have in your reserve bank.  We have, each and everyone of us, been dealt events that build resilience.

The four of us here at home have self-isolated with mum, my daughter myself and my partner.  Even though my relationship has broken down with my partner I’m very grateful we have come together and figured out ways to treat each other with respect and stay at our property to support as a family.  We will deal to ‘us’ at a future time, but now is not the time to figure out our individual futures.  It is a time to figure out how to support and demonstrate what family resilience is.   

So getting our comfort back.  Recognise tomorrow will not be the same as last week and that is OK. We just need to get comfortable what the new tomorrow is going to be

Suggested Actions

  1. Limit your time listening to news news news – chats with friends about doom and gloom, give yourself a time limit each day to be part of that ‘movement’
  2. Recognise you have resilience, reflect on times in your life that has built resilience in your resilience bank! Look at your history within your family, your community, your country.
  3. Reflect on what gives you joy, what tops up your mindset, what keeps you in a good mindset – do more of it!  Recognise the triggers that distracts you from a good mindset, put management plans in place that if this ‘trigger’ occurs what is your management plan to draw out of any downward spiral
  4. Back away from people who don’t share good energy with you.  You are in the driver’s seat of your life.  Don’t be a passenger in something so critical as your life.  
  5. Stand in front of that mirror in the morning and throughout the day and smile back, love the person you see, love the person you will be tomorrow.

Ferne Eliz King
Love Life Love YOUR Life