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Benefits of Kangen Water  - Animals

Animals and humans alike need access to good quality, clean water. Poor quality water can have many implications on our health and wellbeing. Bottled water can be harmful to your pets as they can be highly acidic and tap water contains a large amount of metals and chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride that can be potentially harmful to our pets. Although Kangen water has special properties, it does not cure anything. Listed below are some benefits to giving our pets alkaline iodine Kangen Water, as well as using it to sanitise and eliminate odour. 

When ingested 

  • Increased strength
  • ​Increased energy 
  • ​Thick and shiny coat
  • ​Clear skin, free of irritation
  • ​Brighter eyes
  • ​Increased immunity to chemicals such as those found in cleaning products
  • ​Increased immunity to bacteria 
  • ​Healthy joints
  • ​Detox 
  • ​When given the choice animals prefer Kangen Water
  • ​Increase in fertility and healthier offspring for larger farm animals 
  • ​Higher quantity and quality of milk production in diary animals 
  • Spray pets with Kangen 2.5 increases immunity to insects, fleas and parasites
  • ​Spray pets bedding and other furniture with Kangen 2.5  
  • ​Wash pets with Kangen 7.0 to remove dirt, eliminate bacteria and nourish your pets skins without drying it out 

When used externally 

When used for sanitation 

  • Eliminates pet odours, including those caused by faeces and urine (indoors and outdoors in paddocks and barns)
  • ​Using 2.5 to sanitise bowels, troughs and machinery prevents the spreading of infections

Case Studies

During summer, it is common that a cow will produce less milk as food digestion requires lot more energy in the heat, resulting in a decreased appetite. However a diary farmer in Japan noticed an increase in milk production by 20% during the summer after giving the cows alkaline water to drink. Additionally it was noted that the cows coats looked healthier. 
Poultry farmers in Japan conducted an experiment on the effects of ionized alkaline water on their chickens. The chickens were separated into two groups, each group had 20,000 chicks and received the same portion and type of feed. The control group were only given regular water to drink and the other group received the ionized alkaline water. After several weeks it was found that the group of chickens that drank the ionized alkaline water had a higher survival rate than the control group by 4.8% and also weighed an average of 130grams more than those in the control group.
pet owner testimonials
My 5 year old Golden Retriever named “Bow” has been a beach lover all his life. We were at the Dog Beach playing fetch with his favorite ball when he snapped his left ACL. We hobbled back to the car, straight to his Vet. We were told he would need surgery to replace the ruptured ligament. A TPLO surgery was performed. He recovered, but a limp soon followed. We got the 2 paws up to return to full activity. Back to Dog Beach we went. Within 5 minutes, “Snap” the other knee went. He had the surgery on his injured leg & again recovered. However , this time I was able to give him Kangen 8.5. He has no limp on either leg, jumps up, runs and plays hard. He has returned to Dog Beach with tail waggin, lip smackin, bright eyed excitement. Not a limp, not a whimper. I believe we owe his fast recovery to Kangen 8.5. And by the way, he had some strong acidic urine following the surgery, which burned the backyard grass. Now my grass is green and Bow is doing fantastic! Thank you Enagic for Bow’s health. He won’t drink anything but Kangen Water!!! “ “Bow” Golden Retriever 
- Judy S. Owner
I have a 12 year old cat that had been diagnosed with kidney disease. After 4 days in the hospital and hooked up to IV’s I bought her home. Immediately I started giving her 9.5 Kangen Water to drink. On a return visit, 3 weeks later, the Vet found that Sassy’s kidney function levels than he had ever hoped for. He was amazed. Then I told the Vet about giving my kitty the healing Kangen Water and he said keep it up. You always hear the proof is in the pudding, and now I can honestly say the proof is in the puddy cat. Me and Miss Kitty are very thankful for Kangen Water and how it has improved out lives.
- Cheryl, Los Angeles, CA.
Roxi us 17 years old going on 4 (actually acting like a kitten most of the time). She has been drinking 9.5 for 2 years. At the time, when she was 15, she acted like an “old” cat- sleeping all the time, and pretty listless. She was also very introverted and skittish. Within 3 months of drinking the water we noticed that we would come home and her toys would be scattered all over the house. I keep having to pick them up ad put them back in her cat house. Her fur has become shiny and silky smooth again (it had become dull and dry prior to the water). And maybe most importantly, her urine does not have an odour. I would sometimes forget about her cat box because we could not noticed any odour even right after she was done using it. She is back to her old 9:00 “crazies” around the house- jetting down the hall and back. She has become more social and even keeps our 70lb. dog in check.
- lisa
Horse Stories
Olympic horse trainer Jeff Jensen shares his experience with Kangen Water 
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