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Benefits of Kangen Water  - Athletes

We all need access to good quality, clean water. Poor quality water can have many implications on our health and wellbeing. Bottled water is highly acidic and tap water contains a large amount of metals and chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Globally, an increasing number of professional athletes and sporting clubs are recognising the impact Kangen Water has on athletic performance and recovery time. Listed below are some benefit’s alkaline iodine Kangen Water on the human body. 
  • ​6X better Hydration
  • ​Greater replenishment of electrolytes
  • ​Increased muscle recovery
  • ​Improved endurance
  • ​Stronger performance 
  • ​Prevents build-up of lactic and uric acid
  • ​Improve overall health
  • ​Rich in antioxidants to restore muscles
  • ​Does NOT cause bloating

How Kangen Water Works? 


On Hydration
Kangen water is micro-clustered water containing 5-6 water molecules, as opposed to the 15-20 molecules found in regular tap water. This creates faster absorption which results in rapid rehydration, endurance and faster recovery of muscles.

Kangen Akaline water pH9.5 is 1 million times less acidic than Gatorade making it more effective in reducing build up of lactic and uric acid which can aching joints and muscles.


Kangen water is micro-clustered water that is absorbed faster than ordinary water, allowing cells to become more oxygenated. This in turn reduces the build up of lactic and uric acid that causes muscle fatigue, cramping and joint pain allowing increased stamina and endurance.
The heightened alkalinity in Kangen Water reduces acidic residue from muscle tissues which decreasing the possibility of injuries. Additionally, this keeps the body within the limits of the very narrow pH range for most effective muscle performance.
Kangen water is 6 times more hydrating than regular tap water and regular users do not experience the sensation of bloating.


Rich in Antioxidants 
Kangen Water contains 5 times more antioxidants than green tea effective to restore muscles.


Disinfect Gym Equipment
Kangen Water machines produce are range of pH levels for varying purposes. Machines produce a strong acidic water with a pH level of 2.7 a powerful disinfectant, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to sanitise gym and athletic equipment. 

Professional Endorsements 

Professionals enhancing their athletic performance with Kangen Water
Maria Sharapova
Jillian Michaels
Tiger Woods
LA Lakers
Reggie Jackson
Magic Johnston
US Olympic Ski Team
New York Yankees
ATHLETES testimonials
I was introduced to Kangen water 3 months ago and immediately experienced benefits after only one day. I was complaining about muscle soreness and stiffness in my joints for the past 4 weeks, due to an increase in intensity in my workouts.
After drinking the water for one day, I awoke the next morning to find 90% of my soreness and stiffness was gone. I then began to research the science behind the water ionizer and was convinced enough to purchase the SD501 for myself.
After drinking the water for 2 more months my cholesterol came down from 255 to 178. My doctor had been trying to get me on medication for over 2 years, but I refused and tried every natural way I could find to get it down. Every six months I would have my blood checked and the doctor told me it was still high and that I was just one of those people who’s liver just produces too much cholesterol.
After he saw the sudden drop in my numbers he wanted to know what I had done. I told him about the water and he was very intrigued and told me to just keep doing what I’m doing. I keep drinking the water and now have noticed the arthritis in my knees is less painful and I can now play sports that I haven’t been able to play in years such, as Judo and softball. I now tell everyone about my experience.
- Dave S., Melbourne Beach, FL
Football coach Rob Woodall has several players who were “crampers”. When they drank Kangen Water, they experienced NO cramping! Yet the players less susceptible to cramping who were not drinking Kangen Water continued to cramp.
The ones drinking Kangen water ‘all loved it because they felt like they could drink and drink and never feel bloated. Several of these athletes say they ‘feel “stronger”, “more athletic” or “lighter on their feet”. This converted skeptic can honestly say you owe it to yourself and your athletes to start them on Kangen Water sooner rather than later.’
- Coach Rob Woodall 
Shan Stratton is a consultant for the NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NASCAR, NHL, NY Yankees, AZ Diamondbacks, Houston Rockets, the LA Dodgers. He has worked with countless famous athletes like Kurt Warner, Maria Sharapova, Reggie Jackson, Cynthia Cooper and on and on.
After promoting and counselling the use of high-quality supplements, enzymes, and probiotics to the athletic community for over 15 years, Shan states:
“Drinking Kangen Water is the missing link to overall health and performance for athletes.”
- Shan Stratton
Sports Nutritional Consultant 
In her book, The Chemistry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance, Susan Lark, MD, talks about the role of acid/alkaline balance in peak performance and health. The following is her assessment of alkaline water.
“The benefits of the alkaline water created through electrolysis far exceed just its ability to gently raise the pH of the cells and tissues of the body and to neutralize acids. Because the alkaline water has gained a significant number of free electrons through the electrolysis process, it is able to donate these electrons to active oxygen free radicals in the body, thereby becoming a super antioxidant. By donating its excess free electrons, alkaline water is able to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals.”
She continues by noting that another significant benefit of the electrolysis process is that the cluster size of the alkaline water is reduced by about 50 percent from the cluster size of tap water. “This allows ionized alkaline water to be much more readily absorbed by the body, thereby increasing the water’s hydrating ability and its ability to carry its negative ions and alkalizing effect to all the cells and tissues of the body.
 “If you are overly acidic, an alkaline water device can provide a safe, gentle, and effective way of restoring the pH balance of all the cells in your body as well as providing excess free electrons to act as super antioxidants,” Lark recommends.
Most people, including most athletes, do not consume enough alkaline mineral-rich foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetable. Instead their diets contain high amounts of acid-forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Because of this dietary imbalance, they may be at risk for increased acidosis that affects overall health and sports performance.
Since proper hydration is also a key factor in preventing exercise fatigue, consuming ionized Kangen Water before, during and after exercise can help.
In addition to a compromised performance, not consuming enough water can lead to muscle cramps, general tiredness, and a lack of coordination.
In short, an athlete who is adequately hydrated will almost always perform better than one who is not.
- Susan Lark, MD,
The Chemistry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance

Case Studies

Perspectives by an Athletic Trainer to High Performance Athletes are studies describing how alkalizing your body improves performance and endurance and reduces electrolyte loss. Quick recap:
Study 1: Increasing alkalinity resulted in 50% increase in sprint endurance (2.98 minutes vs. 2.00 minutes) at 95% maximum oxygen intake (VO2 max).
Study 2: Sprint endurance at the highest power output (95%) was increased 62% (438 seconds vs. 270 seconds for control) if the body is relatively alkaline, and is 175% greater than an acidic (typical athlete) body (160 seconds).
Study 3: Sprint endurance at the highest power output (95%) was 135% greater (5.44 minutes versus 3.13 minutes) if the body is relatively alkaline versus acidic. Blood plasma in an acidic body has less lactic acid (to flush from the body through the kidneys) because the lactic acid appears to be remaining in the muscle tissue and glycolysis (metabolic release of high energy compounds) is inhibited.
Study 4: Carbon Dioxide exhalation efficiency was 8.7% higher in an alkaline(1,867) versus acid (1,717) body. The acid subjects had lower peak oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output.
Study 5: Alkalinity enhances exercise performance and reduces electrolyte loss. Time to fatigue is increased substantially. Electrolyte flows into muscle tissue more efficiently and lactic acid was flushed out more efficiently.
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