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Benefits of Kangen Water
Your home - your Environment
Stop relying on harsh cleaning and beauty products and create a clean and green home with Kangen Water. The ordinary chemicals we rely on to maintain a clean and germ-free home emit harmful fumes where we live and breathe and are detrimental to the environment. Kangen Water can clean and sanitise your home, dishes and clothes without the added chemicals making it better for you and your family and better for the earth. 
The Kangen Water Machines can produce alkaline and acidic waters of varying strengths. Strong Kangen Water and Strong Acidic Water are not suitable for drinking but are very versatile for chemical free cleaning around your home.  

Uses for
Strong Kangen Water pH 11.0

  • ​Degreaser
  • ​Wash Dishes counters and chopping boards
  • ​Stain remover 
  • ​Mix with dishwashing liquid for streak free windows and mirrors 

Uses for
Strong Acidic Water 2.5

  • ​Powerful disinfectant 
  • ​Eliminates germs and bacteria 
A Greener Home and a Greener Earth 
Kangen Water can help you to ditch the expensive cleaning products and save the earth. Check out the cost effective and ecofriendly cleaning products that can be easily made with Kangen Water

Green Kitchen

  • ​Clean sponges reduce the spread of germs
  • ​Soak tea towels to kill bacteria prior to washing
  • ​Clean and disinfect surfaces 
  • ​Wash dishes (by hand or dishwasher)
  • ​Fight grease, grime and stains 
  • ​Disinfect your hands before and after for preparation 
  • ​Clean the bathroom and remove soap scum 
  • ​Kill mould
  • ​Disinfect your toothbrush between replacements 
  • ​Kill germs and bacteria in the toilet without bleach 
  • ​Disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, taps and floors

Green Bathroom 

Green Laundry 

  • ​Make chemical free Kangen laundry detergent that is tough on stains, gentle on clothes and colour
  • ​Make tough Kangen stain remover that is strong enough remove coffee, oil, and grease stains
  • ​Clean your face with Kangen Beauty Water pH 6.0-7.0 and stop putting chemicals on your skin and down the drain. 
  • ​Make chemical free haircare for healthier hair

Green Beauty

Chemical free Home

  • ​Streak free windows 
  • ​Eliminate bacteria from pets
  • ​Increase your pets immunity to fleas and parasites 
  • ​Use Kangen water on your garden for more hydrated and thriving garden 
  • ​Make your own cleaning products
Imagine the feeling of doing the best you can do for optimal body health?
Imagine the feeling of ONE product for optimal health, helping rid toxins from your home AND good for the environment - disinfectant grade cleaner !!
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