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Benefits of Kangen Water - Food Preparation and Restaurants

All restaurants endeavour to deliver great tasting fresh food to its customers. Proper preparation is essential to the success of a dish. Kangen’s innovative water technology can be used for rinsing, soaking and boiling and will improve the quality of even your best tasting dishes. There are no limitations as to how Kangen Water can improve the culinary experience delivered to your customers. Kangen Water machines deliver 5 types of water, each serving a different purpose. pH 2.7 and lower is a strong acidic water that works as a powerful disinfectant for germs and bacteria and is a cost-effective way to keep your kitchen sterile.  

Three Steps to Successful Preparation: 

Substitute tap water for Kangen water and follow these 3 simple steps to enhance the quality of meals. 


Cleaning Produce
To remove chemicals and dirt off produce combine Kangen strength pH 11.5, pH 9.5 and pH2.5 prior to preparation. This process is suitable for fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, red meat and fish.


Next soak your produce for 15-20mins in pH 11.5 water as it works as a great emulsifier for removing pesticides from your food and is a perfect way to tenderise meat.


Rinse and prepare
Finally rinse well in pH9.5 before preparing as usual and serving. 

Cooking with Kangen Water 


Use Kangen water pH 4.0-6.0 in your batter to create crisper fried food. 

Boiling and Steaming

Kangen pH 4.0-6.0 is also ideal for boiling and pH 9.0 for steaming food such as beans and peas. It speeds up the cooking time without losing the natural flavour or causing the food to develop a bitter taste. 

Perfect Pasta

For prefect pasta and noodles, boil with Kangen acidic water pH 6.0-7.0 

Perfect Rice

Make fluffy rice without the gluggy texture by using Kangen pH 9.5 to cook.  

Soups and Broth

Kangen water produces delicious soups and stews full of natural flavour without needing large amounts of seasoning as the water brings out the strong and natural flavour of the food. Use your vegetable scraps to produce rich flavourfully vegetable broths. 


Kangen Water not only tastes better but is better for you! Serve you customers pH9.5 water to drink and use it in teas, coffees and homemade beverages and taste the difference.


Imagination is the only limitation as to how Kangen Water can boost the culinary experience delivered to your customers.
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