Now is the time to focus on creating a 

healthier you!

With the current events in our world, there’s never been a more important time to prioritise your health the health of your family and having a clean green home.  Our homes are our new refuge.  Ferne can help with a free consultation to discuss one action to solve for many health and green elements in your life.  Ferne did and it changed her world.

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What can we do right now to protect ourselves and our family?

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We need to make every effort to rid our homes of toxicity beginning with hand sanitisers, cleaning and beauty products. There is an awesome hand sanitiser made from WATER.

Be curious about why Ferne Eliz King is focusing on transformation of individuals vs large corporates

After early signs of stomach cancer and 15 rounds of IVF Ferne altered her view on products, food, water and mindset

Be curious about how to improve your health, pay forward and positively impact the environment. Our water ways have had a small rest from factories, what are "we" doing in our homes to help! We need to do more for us and our environment and we can - easily.

Invite Ferne to demonstrate in person one action that can solve so many opportunities – what is the consequence of NOT taking action ?

There has never been a more crucial time to prioritise your health, and the health of your family!


It’s 2020 and the world is upside down right now.  We first had the largest Australian Bushfires in recorded history, the floods and now COVID-19 is driving panic and fear worldwide.  It’s scary and we’re all unsure of what’s coming next.

You feel bombarded with so much information – so much chaos – you find it hard to know where to focus to find how to get your comfort back for yourself and your family.

The truth is, you are no different to many others out there. And another truth?
YOU have the insights and drive to make a difference for YOU and your family!!.

It’s time to take actionable steps to put your health and environment at the top of your list now – take control, put your excuses aside, push the chaos aside, focus on the here and now – take ONE step to help prioritise
YOUR well-being and create a clean green home to bring us closer to a natural life.

Hi, I'm Ferne King

Right now, we’re all wondering how we can all be healthier and keep our homes clean and green and safe?

Trust me, I’m just as concerned as you – I’m a mum and my 84 year old mum lives with us! 

I reached the top of my game in transformation change in large complex programs of work, 35 years of global transformation programs in very diverse cultural environments.

Over the past few years, I shifted my focus to ensure that I was prioritising the health of my family and ensuring that I was looking after my own health for the sake of my children and my mother.  The push for me was having half of my stomach removed from early signs of cancer.  This was after years of leaky gut, bowel issues, weight fluctuations and 8 years of IVF.

I have unlocked some great information along my journey and am excited to start sharing that with the world!  I’m offering free consultations to anyone who wants to discuss how they can keep their family safe during this crazy time we’re going through.

Feel free to book in your very own FREE health and mindset consult with me today.  I can also share the journey I have taken, lessons I have learnt about what to NOT do to earn an income on line. 


“There are the managers and there are leaders. Managers keep you running on the same spot

Leaders take you on a journey. Follow Ferne and be amazed”

– Andrew Willis

“I’ve known Ferne for 20+ years, an amazing track record in very complex environments. Very good in not only managing the outcomes but guiding and coaching senior executives, she cuts thru the complexities and politics and avoids inertia”

– Peter Williams

“Collaborative, authentic, transparent and passionate leader with exceptional communication skills. Brilliant at coordinating.

Awesome ability at helping others craft and shape their actions.”

– Alister Freeman

“I have known Ferne for a number of years and continue to be grateful we crossed pasts on our career journeys. Ferne is an authentic, generous person with a deep passion for helping others and the community. Her commitment to see others succeed has continued to expand. She decided to take on some challenging overseas career roles where she worked with multi-cultural teams in situations that opened her eyes to even more opportunities to be an advocate in helping people be true to themselves. As we have aged (and developed deeper wisdom!) Ferne’s commitment to give time to supporting people and wonderful causes has not waivered. It’s terrific to see Ferne creating her own personal brand I wish her all the best for the future.”

– Michelle Murray

“Across my 20+ years of working with people and companies all over the world I must say Ferne is one of the most inspiring hardest working and authentic people & leaders I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. At first I couldn’t connect dots.. how was it that this calm, easy to talk to, down to earth person is advising and influencing the C level and boards of some of the largest companies? Then time after time I was there to see the results of her work and hear her praise by perople at all levels of the organisation. As I got to work with her over time I discovered she is insightful, balanced, mindful and soulful. Love your work Ferne and thank you for all your guidance and mentoring you gave me in my early days as a young entrepreneur.”

– #SidneyFromSydney

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Return to nature with water. In Japanese the word ‘kangen’ means “a return to origin”. Simplistic actions for significant outcomes.

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I think at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
Be curious!

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30 days of audio to reset your mindset. Ferne combines different techniques to create new habits for YOU. 

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Considerations when taking a tiny house journey

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Thousands of dollars worth of advice. where to place a tiny, finance & insurance, materials, design build, moving in! earning an income off grid!

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Demonstrate : A healthier you - a healthier environment

Ferne demonstrates what is taking celebrities, professional sports, animal lovers, horticulturists and medical professionals by storm covering health, cooking, beauty, cleaning and also PAYING FORWARD.

Demonstrate : Passive Income

I started some 18 months ago to look at alternate ways to boost my superannuation and I was listening to those podcasts that drum into us if we don’t earn an income while we sleep we will be left behind.  Well 18 months later I am where I possibly should have been at month 4!  I have lessons to share, what not to do!  Have a chat .. I promise it will not be a sales call.  I have no team, I dont need a team, no scam just a heart felt conversation to ensure you dont waste time and money like I did.
For me, I have 3 products I am an affiliate marketer for.  You may well choose different products for you.  The key is to personalise to your purpose, your journey. 


 Love Life Love YOUR Life

Ask yourself… “What is the consequence of NOT taking action now?” Is it worth NOT gambling 30 minutes of your time to make a decision if there are options here for you.  That 30 minutes could CHANGE your life.

Transformation is my specialty and my passion, I’ve worked in transformation around the world for 30+ years and now more than ever we need to look at transformation of ourselves as individuals and our businesses. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to assure authenticity.

A thing I love to do is PAY FORWARD, I will talk with you about my journey talking about transformation AND creating an income on line. I don’t get paid for this chit chat, I don’t need a team or a tribe to do what I do or be rewarded (that is so 1980s!).  I use the journey I have taken to help you shorten and improve the on line opportunity experience for you.
It took me 18 months to get to where I should have been after the 4th month!  You don’t have that luxury of time.  Not in todays environment.  

I made mistakes, I listened to wrong advice, I spent money on things I did not need to.  Then I found some awesome clear ways to describe the actions I needed to take, I aligned to great mentors.  But it took me awhile to navigage the chaos and noise.  I then took those actions and nailed it! You don’t have time to go down the same path – you can learn from my mistakes.

My day to day focus is around these following actions that align perfectly to my life mission and passion

Drive transformational change with individuals and with businesses. I align to a Japanese method when working 1:1 with individuals which commences with Mindset and Health and aligning actions with life aspirations.  I also work for a management consulting Firm to drive transformation in businesses.

To help boost my income and superannuation  I develop on line courseware that people subscribe to AND I have chosen three products I am an affiliate marketer – direct sales distributor for.  These each provide me passive income.

What products do I choose to promote ?

A health product that is so awesome my 84 year old mother is obsessed and telling all her friends – inspiring! Focusing on boosting your immune system and having a clean, green home.  Very pertinant for right now!

Another product helps people with any skill set or idea to package ‘it’ and earn an income on line, and

Lastly a product that helps women who have not had the benefit of professional careers but have drive and passion to be part of a business support network based on freedom.

These three SEPERATE products all align to my mission and passions in life. Im not here to sell you ‘my’ products.  Im here to help you figure out your products, your approach to earning an income on line – Transformation of You and in a shorter time frame than I took!

A conversation with me will lead you to options. You don’t need to have a profile of a famous influencer to earn an income online. Starting out, I wasted a lot of time. I have learnt what works and what to look out for and I can share my experiences to help others.  

So, ask yourself… “Do you want to explore options to earn an income online, can you afford to NOT spend the 30 minutes for a conversation?”

Talk to me – book via the on line appointment calendar on this site.

Simple steps can achieve true MENTAL, PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL HEALTH!

Love Life Love Your Life

Ferne Eliz King


Love Life Love YOUR Life


There is no time for excuses any more, we have to get out of our comfort zones to get our comfort back. 


Talk to me, I will share my experience of getting my comfort back .. it took me 18 months to get to where I should have been at month 4!


You DON’T have that luxury of time.  I will talk to you about mindset, health and different options to earn extra income on line. 


Life Coaching

Using a Japanese concept of identifying your purpose in life and actionable steps to achieve results.

Free Giveaways

Download free giveaways relating to health, environment increasing disposable income.