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Free Giveaway – Ferne Eliz King Webinar

On making choices for the life we want, irrespective of the life we came from and overcoming fears and blockages for an awesome business strategy. 

Free Giveaway – Ebook on health and environment

Return to nature with water. In Japanese the word ‘kangen’ means “a return to origin”. Simplistic actions for significant outcomes.  One of Ferne’s techniques since having 1/2 her stomach removed. 

Free Giveaway – Looking at your money, a fun game with the family along with addressing some questions.

I think at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
Be curious!

Free Giveaway – 30 Day Mindset Bootcamp

30 days of audio to reset your mindset. Ferne combines different techniques to create new habits for YOU. 

Free Giveaway – Tiny House Living Checklist

Considerations when taking a tiny house journey

Free Giveaway – Living Tiny 7 Webinars

Thousands of dollars worth of advice. where to place a tiny, finance & insurance, materials, design build, moving in! earning an income off grid!

Experience you will have by engaging with Ferne:

  • How you will feel when solving for solutions to rapidly achieve your imaginable future for you and or your business
  • Clarity on the 9 questions to ask of yourself and or your business
  • Igniting your inspiration that will lead to intentional actions that enable a shift in mindset – being clear on your why and what
  • Unlocking human curiosity and your potential, Develop and define your options; how to do what you love to do more efficiently and effectively
  • Proud of the habits that will sustain your energy and focus to continually grow and adapt to keep you on track
  • Confidence in knowing the key indicators for when you need to recheck your actions and/or your

Create Your Imaginable Future

Consulting with inspired individuals and businesses to turn up the dial on curiosity that in turn creates options. 

Then experience the magic as we rejig actions and focus to realise your imaginable future. 

1:1 or groups
facilitated online programs

Whats Involved in this experience?

Rapid results.
Everyone has a different story, a different need. 
“an individual or business”
Whether you engage in a full 5 module experience or a few 1:1 mentoring sessions it will depend based on the gap and complexity from your imaginable future
to your present.
…. uncover your story, your superpower, your why.   Address any fears and blockages to success.

Health is Your Wealth

 I had to change the way I looked at food, water and my home environment after having ½ my stomach removed from early signs of cancer at the age of 53.

I openly share my research and what I found works for me and many others.   

Living a Smaller footprint 

Happy to have a chat.  Turning up the dial on curiosity that creates options, taking options to rapidly rejig focus that leads to inspired actions .  This is what Ferne was thinking when she designed and built a tiny house for her 84 year mother and as vice president of strategy for Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA) which Ferne helped co found along with Tiny Footprint Pty Ltd .. to enable choices to live tiny for those that need and want to live tiny.


Ask yourself… “What is the consequence of NOT taking action now?”
Is it worth NOT gambling 30 minutes of your time to make a decision if there are options here for you.  That 30 minutes could CHANGE your life. 

Simple steps can achieve true EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL STRENGTH! and …. the flow on impact to others around you can be truly inspirational