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 “Which is greater; your motivation to achieve your aspirations or your fear of the obstacles.  Whichever is greater will win!Ferne Eliz King 

A healthy balanced life and business.
Ferne ignites your curiosity to shift your paradigm.

“Imagine the world where more people realised their aspirations”

"We made changes, but we are not realising what we dreamed or planned."

"There is too much chaos, I cannot figure out the critical from the important."

"I'll focus on health later."

"How do I transition the story in my head to action?"

"How do I take back the power?"

What's the consequence if you take no action?

“If you do the same thing today as yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today”.  Ferne Eliz King

Helping To Achieve An Aspirational Future

King FrameWork

Using curiosity to inspire and define the right things, realised in the right sequence, embedded in the right way so whatever the change is, it sticks, with a sense of urgency anchored to your future.

Partner with Ferne and become the best you.  Do you know that you have more to offer the world.  Do you have a business model that will make a difference to individuals.

Lean into Ferne’s wisdom from her life’s journey.  Overcome obstacles to achieve your what if.  Imagine that feeling of success.



“There are the managers and there are leaders. Managers keep you running on the same spot

Leaders take you on a journey. Follow Ferne and be amazed”

– Andrew Willis, Major Incident Manager, Tabcorp

“I’ve known Ferne for 20+ years, an amazing track record in very complex environments. Very good in not only managing the outcomes but guiding and coaching senior executives, she cuts thru the complexities and politics and avoids inertia”

– Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Centre for the Edge at Deloitte Australia.  How digital drives change.

“Collaborative, authentic, transparent and passionate leader with exceptional communication skills. Brilliant at coordinating.

Awesome ability at helping others craft and shape their actions.”

– Alister Freeman, Transformation Leader

“I have known Ferne for a number of years and continue to be grateful we crossed paths on our career journeys. Ferne is an authentic, generous person with a deep passion for helping others and the community. Her commitment to see others succeed has continued to expand. She is an advocate in helping people be true to themselves. As we have aged (and developed deeper wisdom!) Ferne’s commitment to give time to supporting people and wonderful causes has not waivered. It’s terrific to see Ferne creating her own personal brand, I’ve seen first hand the affect Ferne has made in so many individuals lives.”

– Michelle McCrum, Leader of Change | Board Director | Business Transformation | GAICD

“Across my 20+ years of working with people and companies all over the world I must say Ferne is one of the most inspiring hardest working and authentic people & leaders I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. At first I couldn’t connect the dots.. how was it that this calm, easy to talk to, down to earth person is advising and influencing the C level and boards of some of the largest companies? Then time after time I was there to see the results of her work and hear her praise by people at all levels of the organisation. As I got to work with Ferne over time I discovered she is insightful, balanced, mindful and soulful. Love your work Ferne and thank you for all your guidance and mentoring you gave me in my early days as a young entrepreneur.”

– #SidneyFromSydney, CEO @ Saasyan | AI Powered Online Student Safety

About Ferne Eliz King

Ferne’s back story is similar to so many others and was not picture perfect,  she is very grateful to have lead a global career from a very simplistic and at times problematic childhood.  Her back story did not hinder her reaching many pinnacles.  Globally recognised and called upon for her art in quickly making clearer water out of mud focused around large portfolios of work, delivery and change, connecting the dots between problems and solutions.  

She has come out the other side of broken relationships and very proudly and humbly became a mum at 49. Also a godmother to many and a proud aunty and great aunty.  A health scare motivated Ferne to rethink her health and wellbeing, a critical change was to prioritise her own mindset,  believing, listening and loving herself.  Ferne is in her late 50’s excited to know she will never stop learning and experiencing new things. Excited to help others when invited to do so applying her wisdom, learning and insights.

Ferne has managed over 2.5B worth of programs and merger and acquisitions to facilitate growth and efficiencies and was proudly part of an operational committee for the inaugural European Games. She has implemented and managed a globally recognised portfolio prioritisation office for a 1B+ business prioritising operational, continual improvement, growth and transformational investments.

Ferne loves making a difference and strives for a world where more people and businesses realise their aspirations.  Ferne’s passion is consulting and life coaching along with demonstrating the choices to establish and sustain health and wellbeing.

What are the consequences of not taking action?



The gap between the future vision and the plan to achieve it, the right things at the right time.  Frameworks to deliver the objectives and key results safely and quickly, embedding strategic and /or tactical change, day 1 readiness, advice on delivery before you start, or advise on recovery actions when a program is not going to plan.  Setting up or improvements to a portfolio and program office.


Learn from my success (and mistakes).
I’m no lifestyle guru, just a busy professional and a mum!  I can share what I researched, what did and did not work and the differences I’ve made in my life post a health scare a few years back.  My 86 year old mum has also followed those lessons, if she could change habits anyone can!  Empowering people worldwide to take back control of their health through natural holistic options.

Life Coach | Individuals or Groups

Become the best you in the best form then accelerate overcoming obstacles. Imagine that feeling of success of you, your health, your business.


Crises Call

You have a meeting that you don’t feel in control of?  You want to talk NOW about getting the story from your head into action


Start with quality questions.
End with a healthy balanced life and – or business.

King FrameWork