It is within your power to turn inspiration and passion
into a future of your dreams.

Ignite change and achieve your imaginable future!

Ferne Eliz King ignites change in individuals and businesses using methods, insights and tools acquired from 30+ years’ experience as a globally renowned transformational consultant.

  • Only 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year
  • The failure rate of start-ups is around 90%
  • 80% of any change will fail
  • Only 8% of individuals achieve their life goals


“The mark of a good leader is not only having a vision but imparting that vision to others in an inspirational way.
Businesses and individuals without carefully considered goals and an awesome way to articulate it will fail”
– Ferne Eliz King

The Expertise


Become the best you, fulfil potential and reach your goals and aspirations.  Ignite curiosity for the future, unlock options to implement actions to actualise your aspirations.


Assess the most efficient path and rapidly orchestrate the journey to achieve a successful outcome. Ferne collaborates with you, your team and advisors to achieve results.

Ferne has managed over 2.5B worth of change programs and has specialised experience in integration of business, managing complex change programs and simplifying strategic portfolio management. Ferne is also a founding consultant at Dealside who are experts in the people dimensions of deals. Ferne will accelerate the achievement of your imaginable future.


Ferne offers unique and engaging ways to achieve your future

  • 1:1 Mentoring following Ignite Change.
  • Facilitated Online Coursework: Ignite Change
  • Group experiences to rejig focus and ignite change to achieve an imaginable future.
  • Consultancy services to succeed in future goals
  • Individual mindset techniques to put you in your best form, mentally and physically.


Start with the future first ..

Imagine a world where more people achieved their dreams.

Imagine the future where YOU have achieved your dreams.

Partner with Ferne Eliz King. You will be challenged with meaningful experiences, to ask the real questions, ignite curiosity, develop options then actionable steps to achieve your future aspirations and techniques to sustain.

Make YOU one of the successful statistics.
What are the consequence of not taking action?



  • KPMG
  • National Australia Bank (NAB)
  • Deloitte
  • Baku European Games Operating
  • Committee (BEGOC)
  • Bechtel Corporation
  • ANZ (NBNZ)
  • 000’s of individuals
  • Multiple companies in Asia Pacific Africa

What people say about Ferne Eliz King

Peter Williams

I’ve known Ferne for 20+ years, an amazing track record in very complex environments. Very good in not only managing the outcomes but guiding and coaching senior executives, she cuts through the complexities and politics and avoids inertia.

Andrew Willis

There are managers and there are leaders. Managers keep you running on the same spot Leaders take you on a journey. Follow Ferne and be amazed.


Across my 20+ years of working with people and companies all over the world I must say Ferne is one of the most inspiring, hardest working and authentic people & leaders I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. At first I couldn’t connect dots .. how was it that this calm, easy to talk to, down to earth person is advising and influencing the C Level and boards of some of the largest companies? Then time after time I was there to see the results of her work and hear her praise by people at all levels of the organisation. As I got to work with her over time I discovered she is insightful, balanced, mindful and soulful. Love your work Ferne and thank you for all your guidance and mentoring you gave me in my early days as a young entrepreneur.

Michelle Murray

I have known Ferne for a number of years and continue to be grateful we crossed paths on our career journeys. Ferne is an authentic, generous person with a deep passion for helping others and the community. Her commitment to seeing others succeed has continued to expand. She decided to take on some challenging overseas career roles where she worked with multi-cultural teams in situations that opened her eyes to even more opportunities to be an advocate in helping people be true to themselves. As we have aged (and developed deeper wisdom!) Ferne’s commitment to give time to supporting people and wonderful causes has not waivered. .It’s terrific to see Ferne creating her own personal brand I wish her all the best for the future.

Do not be a passenger in your own life journey, You are in the driver’s seat!

It is time to make your business a priority.

Take the next steps to achieve your imaginable future today.

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Free Giveaway – Ferne Eliz King Webinar

On improving disposable income, living a healthier version of you, paying forward and environmental impacts.

The webinar is being finalised and will be ready to view within the next few days - a link will be emailed to you.

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Free Giveaway – Ebook on health and Environment

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