“Which is greater; motivation to achieve aspirations or fear of the obstacles.
Whichever is greater will win!
Ferne Eliz King 

Ferne accelerates abilities to realise outcomes while reducing risks.
The value is her ability to cut through the inertia and get things done.
Translates your future vision into actionable steps and partners to achieve it for business and children.

Imagine life where more realise aspirations!

Consistency in achieving desired outcomes while managing risks

A visually engaging future roadmap for proactive decision-making.

Timely decisions.

Lasting change.

Mindset techniques for children.

An awesome inspiring person speaking, authoring, teaching, mentoring, facilitating the art and science of delivery and change, reducing risk.

What's the consequence if you take no action?

“If you do the same thing today as yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today”.  Ferne Eliz King

Achieve Your Aspirational Future

8 step king-framework

The 8-step king-framework embodies the experience of turning the seemingly impossible into reality, minimising risks along the way. Transforming challenges into opportunities by channeling curiosity and asking ourselves quality questions. These 8 steps guide you through figuring it out to taking action then realise remarkable outcomes. It will compliment, even enhance, any current delivery and change methodologies in use.



“Collaborative, authentic, transparent and passionate leader with exceptional communication skills. Brilliant at coordinating.

Awesome ability at helping others craft and shape their actions.”

– Alister Freeman, Transformation Leader

“Ferne is an authentic, generous person with a deep passion for helping others and the community. Her commitment to see others succeed is expansive. She is an advocate in helping people be true to themselves. As we have aged (and developed deeper wisdom!) Ferne’s commitment to supporting people and wonderful causes has not waivered. I’ve seen first hand the affect Ferne has made in so many individuals lives.”

– Michelle McCrum, Leader of Change | Board Director | Business Transformation | GAICD

“Across my 20+ years of working with people and companies all over the world I must say Ferne is one of the most inspiring hardest working and authentic people & leaders I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. At first I couldn’t connect the dots .. how was it that this calm, easy to talk to, down to earth person is advising and influencing the C level and boards of some of the largest companies? Then time after time I was there to see the results of her work and hear her praise by people at all levels of the organisation. As I got to work with Ferne over time I discovered she is insightful, balanced, mindful and soulful. Love your work Ferne and thank you for all your guidance and mentoring you gave me in my early days as a young entrepreneur.”

– #SidneyFromSydney, CEO @ Saasyan | AI Powered Online Student Safety

“I’ve known Ferne for 20+ years, an amazing track record in very complex environments. Very good in not only managing the outcomes but guiding and coaching senior executives, she cuts thru the complexities and politics and avoids inertia”

– Peter Williams, Chief Edge Officer, Centre for the Edge at Deloitte Australia.  How digital drives change.

“There are the managers and there are leaders. Managers keep you running on the same spot

Leaders take you on a journey. Follow Ferne and be amazed”

– Andrew Willis, Major Incident Manager, Tabcorp

“Working with Ferne on at the time biggest transformational changes NAB business banking had ever attempted was simply one of the highlights of my career. Her leadership, humour and ability to pull the right people together to have the most important conversations at the right time was incredible. She possessed the unique ability to harness everyone’s skills and direct them to achieve amazing outcomes. Her ability to be strategic and tactical and help people visualise the end experience and how we would get there demonstrates her depth and breadth of experience in global strategic change. If I was asked was there one transformational leader I would wholeheartedly work with again it would be Ferne. Every person’s opinion mattered to her and she truly wanted to understand and measure why we were changing and how it would improve at an individual, team, business unit and organisational level. Her mentorship to all of her colleagues was outstanding. A truly rare leader who comes from the heart and yet is very ready to make tough decisions when needed”

– Emma Woolrich | Change specialist PROSCI | International award winning author | SpirituallyYouOrbGenetics founder | passionate about facilitating change for purposeful outcomes 

Teaching & Mentoring

You wish to reduce risk of delivery and change programs and projects. You wish to drive quicker decision making.  You want a wonderful integrated delivery and change roadmap for proactive decision making.  You wish to upskill you or your team on the science and art of delivery and change.  You wish to be inspired to do different or influence those around you to do different.

Key Note Speaker

An exceptional keynote speaker, a captivating presence on stage, radiating charisma and passion for realising outcomes while managing risks.  Expert knowledge and genuine authenticity, engaging the audience through compelling storytelling, insightful anecdotes, and thought-provoking ideas.  Ability to inspire, educate and connect leave a lasting impact, making Ferne a memorable highlight of any event.


Facilitation to inspire innovative approaches for delivery and change, realising outcomes while managing and mitigating risks. Across all organisational levels and industry types, even large event management.  Using curiosity and a magical style of engagement to harness and lead an audience. Half day, full day or multi day event.

Mindset Techniques Children

Fostering and nurturing positive mindset techniques with children and parents.  Activate mind, heart and feelings triumphantly realising full potential and overcoming any present barriers.  Optional use of Icelandic Horses encouraging children to be mindful of their thoughts, emotions and actions.  This can help develop greater self-awareness and emotional regulation skills. 

About Ferne Eliz King

Ferne’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges in her past, she has embraced every twist and turn, turning her experiences into stepping stones toward global success.  With a keen eye for opportunity and a heart full of gratitude, Ferne has become a beacon of inspiration in the world of business. She is renowned for her ability to navigate complex changes with finesse, translating lofty strategies into tangible action plans that realise portfolio, program and project outcomes while risks are transparent and managed.  She is valued for her abilities to cut thru inertia and get the job done, often with outcomes exceeding expectations.

But Ferne’s impact extends far beyond boardrooms and business meetings. Her journey, marked by personal triumphs and setbacks alike, has equipped her with a unique perspective on life’s complexities.  Ferne’s story is one of unwavering strength and resilience. She also dedicates time for mindset techniques with children as a way of giving back.

Ferne’s greatest joy lies in uplifting others. Sharing insights and experiences to safely and quickly navigate delivery and change techniques to make impossible possible while managing risks.   Influence and inspire individuals to do different than yesterday to accelerate abilities to achieve future aspirations.

For Ferne, passion is not just a word, it’s a driving force that propels her forward each day. She envisions a world where everyone, including businesses with meaningful values, achieves aspirations and thrive.

She inspires us to dream big, always create options, know the risks to be managed, persevere through challenges, and never lose sight of the incredible potential that lies within each of us.

What are the consequences of not taking action?


Start with curiosity and quality questions. Turn that to actions and risks. End with outcomes being realised.

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Ferne Eliz King