Taking Your Power Back!

So many large environmental impacts have been slowed down and or stopped around the world.  We have been forced to rethink the way we work, the way we go about our day.

We can see the positive impact on our environment.  BUT at some stage we will start back up again.  What habits would we have changed in OUR HOMES to improve and SUSTAIN a cleaner and healthier home?  Do not use the excuse you do not have time.  You HAVE to have the time and you cannot afford to not take action.

The consequences are too severe for the environment, for you as an individual and your family.    The action is simple .. one simple action can solve for your health, paying forward and having a clean green home .. easy !!  Let’s have a chat.

This is a perfect time to change habits in our homes, to achieve a cleaner, greener refuge.  Many, like me, have used the old excuse of “I don’t have time”, I don’t have time to research what’s best, I don’t have time to learn, I don’t have time to apply – I just don’t have time.

Well the truth is now most of us are at home 100%, no travel time, no excuses AND IT’S TIME!

We should want to do what we can to have a greener home for our health and the health of our planet.  I’m no ‘greeny’ – but I did not actually realise how easy one simple action could impact me, my family and the environment so positively – while giving me a medical grade disinfectant for my home.

My mum who is 84 lives in a tiny house on our property.  She is the old school cleaner of white vinegar and newspaper with a good mix of Jif, White King and numerous sprays.  Her cleaning cupboard used to be a source of anything and everything for all occasions!

That’s all changed – for both of us.  We now use water to clean and disinfect .. yep – water!  Our grocery bill has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced!! .. and importantly we feel better about what we are doing in our own homes to sustain our environment.

We use a machine to alter the pH of our tap water.  For cleaning we use 11.5 pH and disinfectant we use 2.5pH.

You cannot afford to not take action – now more than ever we have to reeducate ourselves on HEALTH and a CLEAN AND GREEN home.

I won’t cover it all here .. but a few things.


Use of 11.5 pH water :  (yes, again .. WATER ) ..

Good nights sleep, dash just before bedtime releases Melatonin, along with thinking good positive thoughts and what puts a smile on your face will ensure a good night sleep … and there is more ..

The water can be used for make up removal, puffy eyes, hot bath soak, nasal wash for allergies, cold symptoms, snoring, bug spray repellent, bug bites, sunburn, food poisoning, stomach flu, arthritis, gout, muscle soreness or tissue injury, HANGOVERS and migranes, chemotherapy, cleaning pesticides from fruit and vegetables, cleaing and tenderising meat, laundry soap – especially for those that work in smelly environments, stains on clothes,  rugs, carpets, oven cleaner, dishwasher and polishing silver.  

Use of 2.5 pH water:  (yes, again ..WATER )

Kills all microbes – rinse fruit and vegetables! USE FOR DISINFECTING ANYTHING – put in a spray bottle and carry in your handbag !

2.5pH can also be used for… antibacterial soap, facial lifting and tightening, brush and gargle – awesome preventative!, stops vomiting, kills bacteria in open wounds, treat nail fungus, poison ivy, pink eye, fever blisters, cancer sores, moles and warts. For infected sinuses – spray with 2.5pH – rinse with 11.5 pH.


Simply amazing .. I have been using consistently in my home for the last few months and am amazed !!  I am ashamed to say I used 9.5pH healthy drinking water for hydration benefits long before I took the cleaning settings seriously.

My mum has been using for the last few weeks and is absolutely astonished .. I will put a video and post in here of her in the next week or so.

You cannot afford to not take action – now more than ever we have to re-educate ourselves on HEALTH and a CLEAN AND GREEN home.

Action … give me a call (click here and book through my website) to have a chat or email to ask a question !

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I normally post about transformation of individuals and businesses, you see I am a management consultant who specialises in delivering transformation change of businesses.

Like many I have a few investment interests to help boost my superannuation plans.

Passive income is one of those lines of activity, it does well – typically more than my super fund returns as a %!

With what is occurring around us at present I am profiling one of the medical grade products I direct sale and use in my and my mothers own homes with a driver being ‘paying forward’ and letting people know about this awesome experience and product.

I’m usually more subtle .. but we have been hit between the eyes with this virus .. and this one product is an AWESOME solution for improved health and a clean and green home.

Ferne Eliz King

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