Be Clear in Your Purpose

When you are clear on your life purpose, you will be dedicated to fulfilling it. Commitment leads to determination which leads to long term success.

If you’re desire and passion for the goal is larger than the fear of the obstacle(s) you will succeed.   If your fear is greater than the desire and passion of the goal you will put up roadblocks and excuses.  How many times have you heard someone say “What are you afraid of” when they keep throwing up excuses of why they have not done something they said they would.

We all have different values, but yours should align to your life purpose. For this reason, everyone’s life purpose takes a different focus. Some form their life purpose around religion or spirituality, others on career or education, family or relationships, community or environment or something entirely different. Essentially, your life purpose is the statement you live your life by and deliver to the world.

Align your goals to your life purpose and you will be more likely to experience success.

Those with a strong life purpose generally experience more satisfaction in life. Though, most people I encounter do not have one and find the concept overwhelming to begin with. So I have developed a series of questions designed to get your mind thinking about a purpose that suits you.


Why Should I Have A Purpose In Life?
Anyone that wants to live a more meaningful life should have a life purpose.


You will experience an increased drive and motivation when living a life aligned to your purpose. Your days will feel shorter, you will come home with more energy, and you will ENJOY working towards the goals that lead to your purpose each day.

Helps you prioritise.

You cannot have everything instantly, everything we want we must work towards. Your purpose will help you realise what is and isn’t important, giving you clarity on what actions you should be taking to work towards that purpose.

The foundation to a successful and satisfying life.

A life purpose will facilitate you to grow. Those with a life purpose will experience more satisfaction.

You will be focused, and motivated. You will not feel as though you are treading water as you will always know what you are working towards, even a small step in the right direction each week is progress.

Your purpose is your essence for life. A strong purpose is the foundation to your goals, actions, and thoughts. Those without purpose tend to encounter more disorganisation, less direction and are less likely to achieve their goals.

Live a meaningful life.

A life purpose sets you up for life fulfillment. You will spend less time on things you don’t enjoy or aren’t important and you will surround yourself with optimistic people whose values align with your own.

Being clear in what you want and knowing the actionable steps to take to get you there, will begin to establish a life of happiness. When you hit those inevitable obstacles, you will find you are clearer in the strategies and steps you take to manage them.

Developing My Purpose

Your purpose does not necessarily need to be related to work or income. It can involve what you would love to do, but it could also relate to what you would love to be or have. There are a range of areas you could focus on and you will thrive provided this purpose aligns to your values and is something you have passion for.

Attaining clarity in your purpose can be a complex exercise and is not necessarily achieved in one session. Write down your raw and honest answers to the questions below to begin to form a vision for your purpose.

Getting to know yourself

  • List your top 3 values
  • List your top 3 strengths
  • List a trait that you would like to improve
  • List 3 ways you could improve this trait
  • List your top 3 skills
  • List 3 things you love about yourself
  • List your top 3 stresses in your life
  • List three ways you could make your life easier
  • List 3 things you believe the world needs

Recognise your starting point

  • How do you feel when you think about…
    • Your career
    • You skills, education, or training
    • Your family and other relationships
    • The planet (environmentally)
    • The world (socially/politically)
    • Your religion or beliefs
  • Which of the above gave you the strongest positive feelings?
  • Which of the above gave you the most negative feelings?
  • List 3 changes you could make to begin to shift those negative feelings
  • List 3 aspects of your life that you are happy with
  • List 3 aspects of your life that you would like to improve
  • List 3 ways you have grown over the last 10 years
  • List 3 things you are grateful for over the last 10 years

Reflect on these two sections. This is your starting point. Combine all this information and you will get an honest understating of you are feeling about yourself and your life at this point.  Drink a large glass of quality water!   Congratulate yourself on answering the questions.

What’s your vision?

  • List the top 3 most important things in your life
  • List 3 things you could achieve in the future that would make you consider yourself successful
  • When you achieve this ‘success’, how will you feel?
  • List 3 tasks that you currently spend too much time on
  • List ways to reduce time spent on these tasks, to allow more time to work towards your future
  • Who would be the first and second person you tell of your success? What words would you use?

Innovate and plan

  • List 3 short- term goals that can be achieved over the next 6-12 months that will get you closer to the successful future you have envisioned
  • List 3 long-term goals to work towards over the next 3-5 years
  • How do you feel when you think about these goals? (tip: If you do not feel optimistic, driven or excited it is unlikely these goals align to your purpose or values)
  • How do you plan to achieve each of these goals?
  • What further resources or knowledge do you need to reach your goals?
  • How will you hold yourself accountable?
  • How will you balance working towards these goals with everything else in your life?

Use these answers as inspiration to develop a statement that illustrates your purpose. I have composed some examples of what a statement of purpose could look like for guidance.

“I want the contributions I have made to my career to be remembered and valued. I want to work hard now and retire comfortably later. I want to be successful in my career so I can be relaxed in my retirement.”

“I want to raise my family in a loving environment and support my children grow to be independent, kind and considerate, by being these things myself. I want them to feel empowered to stand up for their beliefs and pursue their passions.”

“When I leave this world, I want it to be a better place than when I arrived. I want to devote time and love to support people who are less fortunate than myself, and to help them build a life they dream of. I want to live on in the memories of the people I encounter.”

Best of luck to you as you endeavour to unlock your life’s purpose. Check in with yourself and hold yourself accountable regularly. The future you deserve is there for the taking. If you need any extra support or guidance on this journey please get in contact with me at [email protected].


Love Life, Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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