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In 2019, the author, a 54-year-old mother with a 5-year-old daughter, was dealing with menopause and juggling multiple income streams and business interests. She was experiencing discomfort in her gut and was diagnosed with a serious condition. After surgery, she learned about the importance of quality food, drink, and home environment. As she enters her 60th year, she reflects on her life and wishes she had learned to ask quality questions earlier and listen to the answers. She also reflects on her health habits, such as purchasing fruits and vegetables from reputable suppliers and avoiding supermarkets. She also uses a super-antioxidant called glutathione, which defends white blood cells, removes free radicals, and protects against viruses. Although glutathione is naturally occurring, people over 20 need to supplement it to gain its benefits. The author uses a swish and skin spray as additional steps to their skin care routine.

Ferne Eliz King shares her personal experiences with improving her health and living a clean and green home. She uses high-pH water, which is more easily absorbed by the body, for better hydration and better functioning of her skin, brain, and organs. She uses a machine to convert water levels from 7 to 9.5pH. She also uses the same machine to clean and disinfect her home, using different pH levels for cleaning 11pH and disinfectant 2.5pH, and adding essential oils for different effects. She also uses Monat hair products, which she finds to be the best for her hair health. She also maintains a basic skincare routine, using products like Antipodes Intense Skin-plumping Serum, de Mamiel face oils, Dermaceutic K Ceutic cream, glutathione spray, natural soaps, and a face wash. Ferne advises others to research products and understand their own individual body’s strengths and weaknesses. She offers free discussions for individuals or groups to discuss challenges, opportunities, and choices for a better life and a clean green home.

Ferne’s advice to anyone who is looking into improving their health please please do your research – learn to ask quality questions, repeatedly. Not all products are made equally, expensive does not always mean quality and cheap does not always mean inferior. Do not get disheartened by all the information out there.  Look to those that you feel are the best them in the best form and ask what they do, what they use.  Know your own body.  Your weaknesses and strengths physically and mentally.

She offers 2 free sessions a week to individuals or groups for 30 minutes to chat about challenges, opportunities and choices for good health choices and a clean green home.
Ferne is passionate about helping others and giving back, and putting all those research hours to good use ! ,

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Ferne is globally recognised and called upon for quickly accelerating complex change to achieve business strategies.  Translating strategies to actionable plans, prioritisation of those actions, engagement from the right people, bringing business architecture to life or your life plan if individual and in many cases driving the change as a program director.  The bottom line is Ferne accelerates businesses or individuals to achieve outcomes and enabling that is her passion.

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