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‘Can you please come in to discuss your results?’

I can’t describe my entire thought process when I heard these words. This was a phone call I received from my Doctor in early 2019. I was 54 years old; I have a daughter who was only 5 at the time. I have never in my life had to go in to discuss results in person. I knew this was going to be bad news! I booked an appointment ASAP but still had to wait 2 days and 2 sleepless nights to get the results. 

I spent those two days operating on autopilot. I somehow got my daughter to school each day, I sat through work meetings and I think even contributed in them, I got dinner on the table each night all the while I obsessively going through all the possible scenarios in my head. The rational side of me was telling myself not to stress, wait until I know for sure before I worry, after all I have had symptoms for years and I am still alive and well- but in this situation all logic and rational goes out the window. My darkest thoughts- which would creep into my head at night was thinking about how life will be for my daughter without me, I had her at 49 my plan was not to leave her at 54. 

Rewind a few years further. I have had discomfort in my stomach for years, a history of glandular fever, rose river fever, irritable bowel syndrome and a leaky gut. Initially I was put on antibiotics, after some time I switched doctors. Everything started to improve then the unexplained weight gain hit. Nothing worked. When I got 15kg above my comfortable weight I decided to talk to my doctor who assured me it was because of ‘my age’.  I began to research stomach reduction surgery as it seemed like my only course of action. I insisted on getting a referral to a gut specialist. The specialist had to run some routine tests to determine whether I would be eligible for the surgery. 

And that is when I got my phone call. The phone call that turned my life around. In the course of testing for a ‘cosmetic surgery’ is when the specialist found Adenomatous polyps.  If left, these growths have a high chance of turning to cancer of the stomach and intestines. He wanted them removed within days. As relieved as I was that it was not as bad as I had feared, I knew this was serious. 

After my surgery I had a discussion with the specialist to understand what I needed to change to reduce these polyps forming again. He told me it is not about making drastic diet changes, I don’t have to completely cut out alcohol, or become a strict vegan, or quit sugar, or eat completely organic, but I do need to consider the quality of the product I choose to put in our bodies his advise was research sugar, additives put into meat products (he advised only purchase meat from a reputable butcher); research where I buy my fruit and vegetables from and quality of the water I drank and lastly, review the chemicals I used in my home.  His advice was amend those things and a long life you may have. 

Research I did – in abundance! 

During my recovery, while I was most motivated to make some lasting changes, I spent so much time researching .  There was one phrase that kept popping up: ‘Alkaline Water.’ I discovered that largely due to the foods and drinks we consume our bodies are becoming too acidic (low pH). A lot of serious illness can be attributed to having low pH levels in our bodies, and it is important for our health to keep our pH balanced. Alkaline (high pH) water can help stabilise our pH levels by counterbalancing the acidity in our diet. Ok I thought, I am going to give this a go!

Overwhelmed was an understatement when I decided to purchase an alkaline machine. There were so many products out there and such a huge difference in price. I read a lot of articles from sceptics, but I was in a desperate position and I didn’t see any articles saying it would hurt you. I noticed a lot of companies were putting information out there to discredit their competitors, they sounded like our politicians, saying more about what the other party was not doing and less about what they would do. Honestly, had I not been on bedrest I would have put it into the ‘one day’ pile.  I decided with confidence on the machine that produced variant ph levels of water from tap water. 

I started drinking my alkaline water. I’m sure each person is different, but for me I felt the changes straight away. To name a few I had more energy, I found it easier to consume than regular tap water and I didn’t get the bloated feeling afterward. The machine I purchased produced water with different levels of pH and after about a year of putting it into the ‘to do’ pile I finally got around to experimenting with the other settings. I wish I had done it sooner! I have not bought a single cleaning product since I started using the high acidic water for cleaning (it is a natural but powerful disinfectant that is stronger than bleach and used for sterilisation in some Japanese hospitals), another setting cleans meat, fruits and vegetables prior to preparing them (I have been amazed by what washes off them when washed in the right pH water), and I have even began experimenting in making my own beauty products and elixirs with amazing results that is saving me hundreds of dollars, let alone great results. So, in addition to creating a healthier version of myself, I have made my home free from toxins and chemicals, I’m saving money on beauty and cleaning products and saving storage space throughout my house.

I have made several changes since my health scare, I’ve become an advocate for natural oils, I use doTerra and am in love with their products and their ethos of giving back, but the use of the adjusted water has had a massive  impact on the health of myself and my family- my 86 year old, very set in her ways, mother has even been converted.

My advice to anyone who is looking into improving their health with alkaline water, essential oils or any other product: as overwhelming as it is, please please do your research. Not all products are made equally, expensive does not always mean quality and cheap does not always mean inferior. I would much prefer to see people make the change than be disheartened by all the information out there so I, of course am happy to share my research and personal experiences to anyone for free, no catches, that is passionate about improving their health and wellbeing. If you are one of those people feel free to get in contact with me at [email protected] 

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