Changing the way we think and live in our homes! How is that working for you?


Do you clean like your mum, do you clean like the person who you grew up with.  Do you wash your clothes the same way your household did as you grew up.  Who’s habits have you recreated for yourself in your home?  Whos habits do you follow about what you do to boost your immune system?  What education or knowledge searching have you done about actions you can take at home, easily, to improve your immune system WHICH IS DEPLEATED when you are stressed.

I lived with my dad for much of my formative years of learning to ‘keep house’.  We had a copper in our laundry, where you would light a fire under the copper to heat the water and wash my father and brothers fishermans clothes once a week, then wring them out in a hand wringer over the twin tubs in the laundry and I remember how excited I was when my dad brought us a twin tub washign machine .. wash on one side .. then put the clothes in the other side to spin.  My friends at school thought I was crazy for being so happy about a washing machine!

Anyway .. who taught you to clean? Or did you create your own habits and ways of keeping house?  What do you do to boost your immune system? 

Well, the world has changed.  Putting it bluntly 12 months ago I had a laundry cupboard of all sorts of cleaning ‘stuff’ , as did my mother who is 84 and lives with us.  NO LONGER.  12 months ago I got early signs of stomach cancer and had some of it removed, I quickly learned all I could about boosting my immune system, and now with what is occuring ensuring my mother is educated as much as possible to what we do at home to boost ours. 

A clean and green home : I have two spray bottles in my kitchen one with 2.5pH water and one with 11.5pH water.  This cleans and disenfects my whole house and I LOVE IT.  My mother a die hard cleaning product hoarder!  She converted .. she loves it.  It saves significant money, the 2.5pH is a hospital grade disenfectant, I also have a smaller spray bottle in my hand bag for hand sanitiser. 

Boosting our Immune System.  We take Turmeric capsules every day .. Oh My Goodness, the benefits are astounding it even has doctors going ‘dont know how – but it works’.  We also drink an altered pH water level from our home tap (through a water machine) and our immune systems are boosted, but not only that. There are many little niggly health issues that have ‘gone away’ for mum.  It is quite increadible, same for me but more obvious for my mum.  

What I was not aware of is the effect of stress on the immune system .. 

from Alf Garcia Psychotherapist / Psychologist Clinical Hypnotherapist  “Coronavirus (COVID – 19) is affecting and changing the way we used to live. The usual advice of washing our hands and practicing good social distancing is for our own good, but the Coronavirus has created anxiety and uncertainty.

This is a natural human reaction when we perceive an unknown threat. This anxiety can affect our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and most important our immune system. When we feel anxious our body release the hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol. These hormones cause our heart to beat faster and prepare us for fight or flight. We feel tense, nervous, and awkward. Once the threat has passed, our body will release other hormones to calm us down and counter attack these symptoms.

After all anxiety feels different to everyone and having to stay at home without knowing for how long, can affect us in different ways thus creating different levels of anxiety and affecting the immune system.

Keeping your system strong will make it more resistant to infectious diseases, but when you worry and feel anxious over a prolonged period of time; it will affect your immune system by making it weaker.

Therefore, to keep your immune system strong and healthy, try to watch the news once or twice a day. Avoid watching it continuously and you will avoid added anxiety (your body will thank you for that). If possible try to do some kind of exercise at home. You don’t have to be an athlete! This activity will increase your Dopamine and Serotonin levels. People sometimes refer to them as the “happy hormones” as they regulate mood and emotions and the good news is: You can intentionally cause happy hormones by doing the following. Cheer yourself up, distract yourself, remind yourself of all the things to be grateful for in your life and remember laughter is the best medicine.

In return, you will make your immune system much more resistant to infections. And for my final thought: Stay safe and stay at home. For those who don’t have support and for those who have lost their jobs recently, it is imperative to monitor your stress levels and remember this will pass in time. We’re all in this together! Wishing you all an outstanding day and take care. Alf Garcia Psychotherapist / Psychologist Clinical Hypnotherapist”

Great Advice !

I’m glad my mum and I created habits prior to this virus that ensured we have a clean and green home and were already on a path of boosting our immune systems.  Now I am also more aware of what impact stress has on our immune system. 

I hope you learned something in todays blog .. a long one but so critical to our knowledge of improving our health and a clean green home. 

Ferne Eliz King

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