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Finding balance Between Autonomy and Dependency

Workplace culture is fundamentally about cooperation and security. A negative workplace culture, where people don’t feel safe or have a sense of belonging is generally the cause of major resistance to strategic change. It is all too common for cultural change to be overhauled AFTER a major change initiative has failed. Learn the lesson, review your culture and the tools to inspire and engage as a precursor to change events saving precious time and resources in the process, plus realising the benefits of change earlier than later.

Addressing culture in the most practical and effective way should be a priority before you implement change.  Take the time to observe the culture, ask questions and communicate with those involved, note down the current culture, both positive and negative. Celebrate the positive cultural behaviours and use them to your advantage. Select a few critical negative behaviours, then with your employees work to improve them by agreeing on a set of values, the behaviours that will demonstrate these values.  There are lots of tools available and great advisors relating to cultural change and the time is ripe!!

When you are ready for strategic planning ask yourself the following

    1. What will those involved in the change gain? (If the only answer is save or gain money for the organisation, try again with the other stakeholders in mind as this will undo all the work you have done building and strengthening the culture)
    2. What culture is needed to succeed?
    3. Is the current culture aligned with the direction the strategic change will take us? (If not, what needs to be changed or improved?)

Studies show that only 10% of patients that have received a heart bypass have made long term diet and lifestyle changes. My point being, change is hard, even when your life depends on it, even when you know it’s needed. Don’t make it harder by underestimating how much of your strategies success relies on cultural alignment.

This blog has been centred around my experiences and insights from The Human Science of Strategy : What works and what doesn’t by Dr Bob Murray and Dr Alicia Fortinberry. Executives and Leaders of change- Check this book out, it is gold!  

Best of luck to you as you endeavour to unlock your life’s purpose and your businesses goals. Check in with yourself and hold yourself accountable regularly. The future you deserve is there for the taking. If you wish any extra support or guidance on this journey, please get in contact with me at [email protected].


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Ferne Eliz King

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I specialise in prioritising and sequencing initiatives, projects, programs to facilitate businesses to achieve their aspirational future along with easy and clear practices to manage strategic change and tactical change.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a globally renowned consultant and have managed over 2.5 billion in programs of work as well as set up complex portfolio management offices.

My goal is to help individuals and businesses of all sizes achieve their aspirational future with key focuses on:

  • Prioritising and sequencing to achieve goals; essentially doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way
  • Critical thinking for strategic and tactical change
  • Shift in mindset, principles, and practices
  • Attain clarity in your focus, improved prioritisation and decision making
  • Advice for merger and acquisitions – day one readiness and beyond

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Love Life Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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My superpower is to ignite change and inspire actions to achieve the imaginable future of individuals and businesses. The first step is facilitating you to unlock your curiosity.


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