Generating revenue from your knowledge

You can absolutely make a living by selling your knowledge! You might have considered or even tried this before. Some of you might have tried and given up because you weren’t getting the revenue you hoped. I am here to urge you to read this and TRY AGAIN!! Particularly post 2020 disruptions…

The advantage of selling your knowledge is you don’t need the start up or overhead costs you would to open a business leaving you with more profits. But there is an art and science to achieving your goals. The diagram below created by Matt Church and Peter Cook demonstrates the different avenues to deliver your expertise out to your clients.

The bottom line: The more opportunities you take to deliver your service, the more people you will reach and the more revenue you will generate. You can absolutely play to your strengths but avoid putting all your energy into the area/s within your comfort zone. You don’t need to be the best in each of these areas, in fact if you apply Pareto’s 80/20 principle, being 80% successful in each area takes 5 times less effort than being 100% successful, so don’t waste your precious time on perfection!

Equally important is the way that you get your brand out to the world. When I began to establish myself, most of my focus was put towards my presence on social media. After several months, I was becoming disheartened, I hadn’t had any bookings despite having an established a reputation as an experienced transformational change consultant business and personal.  I had a strong network and had been regularly updating and interacting on social media. Upon reflection I realised that a large portion of my potential clients were not regular users of social media. So, I began to consider other avenues to get my name out to these people. Upon research I discovered that a lot of my potential clients often kept up with corporate trends through short articles, videos, and audio clips. I now regularly devote time to join podcasts, shooting videos and writing blogs and articles with notable improvements. I know have stronger interest, better revenue and importantly I am spending more time on doing what I love vs chasing the lead.

If you have a vision to sell your skills or knowledge and you have a passion for what you do, don’t stop trying, I am confident you will succeed.  Use your valuable time carefully and don’t get caught up in perfecting everything… Make a start and keep moving forward! Planning is fundamental.

My Tips to Ignite the Change !

  1. Spend time on your goals and aspirations, don’t underestimate the power of alignment
  2. Conduct insights on your emotional strength, don’t just do the easy stuff
  3. Create curiosity, curiosity is at the heart of all change, look for ways to ignite curiosity
  4. Deep dive into the options you will be amazed at the options after your curiosity step, create a plan – that you are ok to amend along the way!
  5. Now… take action!  do one thing a day to take a step towards that tomorrow you envisage
  6. Create a daily routine where you journal, continue to reflect and perseverance

Imagine our world where more people and business achieved their imaginable future.   That is what I am passionate about, that is where I use my skill and experience to generate value and income for myself.

I will post a blog soon about utilisation of Ferne Eliz King branded Ignite Change program along with how I use Ikigai Alignment Wheel in that journey to Ignite Change.   I do a bit of each of the above expertise wheel, I’m not the best in market at each but I make a difference to some and that ticks the box for me, and it generates an income where I spend more time doing than chasing.


Love Life, Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

Let’s have a 30 min free conversation and leave this call with a greater degree of curiosity and options.  If you are an inspired individual or are in an inspiring business I’d love to listen to your journey, your challenges and your aspirations. I want to know about your superpower, everyone has one! I want to turn up your curiosity dial and create options that transition to actions OR rejig your current actions to achieve your tomorrow. I want you to leave this call with inspiration for your tomorrow.

About Ferne

Ferne is globally recognised and called upon for quickly accelerating complex change to achieve business strategies.  Translating strategies to actionable plans, prioritisation of those actions, engagement from the right people, bringing business architecture to life or your life plan if individual and in many cases driving the change as a program director.  The bottom line is Ferne accelerates businesses or individuals to achieve outcomes and enabling that is her passion.

What's the consequence if you take no action?

“If you do the same thing today as yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today”.  Ferne Eliz King

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