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How well do you know your business?

Irrespective of what growth method your business uses it needs to be flexible to deal with CONTINUAL innovation and true human centered design thinking about the future.

Many management teams and boards focus on alignment in leadership, to achieve success. There are three core issues recommended to discuss:

  1. Align on where the business is at RIGHT NOW, so when you agree on the future you are all on the same page about the starting point and goals.
  2. Agree what indicators in your Right to Play need to be met before running off to new shiny objects, many good market people are not good business people, agree core indicators and be transparent on those for everyone to solve for.
  3. Alignment on the ONE true Achilles heel of the business and ensuring that is mitigated and not ignored.

The question of the week:

What phase is your business in Right to Play? Pursue? Disrupt? Can you pinpoint your achilles’ heel?

Let’s consider the evolution of dance as an analogy for aligning your business.

There has been an abundance of genres and fads in dancing as it has evolved over time. In the last century, the 1920’s bought us ‘swinging’, the ‘Hokey Pokey’ became so popular in the 1950’s that many couples had it played at their weddings, ‘Disco’ came with the 70’s, the 80’s Rock ‘n’ Roll era bought us moshing, and in more recent years there has been hip hop, krumping, twerking, flossing plus so many more.

The art of dance continuously develops over time just as you and your business should. As with dance, standing out is vital to success. The leaders stand out more than the followers, but it does not just stop there. To be truly successful, one must align themselves to those in the same phase and take the same path to grow together.

  • Choose your ‘dance partner’ wisely; if you go left when they go right you will not stand out.
  • Choose your ‘band’ wisely; if they play rock ‘n’ roll while you dance hip hop you will not stand out.
  • Choose your ‘Dance instructors’ wisely, if your niche is hip hop and they attempt to direct you, your dance partners and your band to ballroom you will not stand out.
  • This does not mean must surround yourself with those exactly the same, diversity is great for innovation, however their dances must compliment yours and they must know how to dance your dance.

Alignment with those surrounding you in business and life is fundamental to success. Align with others that will recognise shortcomings and constantly look to improve on them in addition to providing continual innovation to not only evolve with the times but lead the times.

Take one, two three steps forward to become a leader in their domain and stand out.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself

– Henry Ford


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