Succeeding in your Business Goals

The most effective way to progress in business is to set goals. There are many circumstances behind a goal that is never achieved, and often the reason is centred around ineffective planning and a loss of motivation. The road to success is not always a smooth one, but there are a range of methods and strategies to stay on track and to keep motivated when things get difficult.

Remember Your “Why” & What Values Drive You

What is the outcome from achieving this goal? Always remember your why, write it down and display it where you can be frequently reminded, especially when you hit bumps along the road.  Also describe your values, what are the guard rails you will apply to get to your why.   Be acutely aware of your values, this will determine the pace and journey you take to get to your goal. 

Spread the Word

Publicly communicate the goal to ensure you have people to hold you accountable. Accountability is one of the more effective motivators. Set up a digital calendar where those involved in the project can track its progress, know their role and deadlines and access resources.

Use the Stairs

Use a staircase to map out the chronological actions that must be taken to bridge the gap between your now and success.  Break down your goal and determine small, measurable subgoals and celebrate each achievement. As an example, if your goal is to increase revenue by 10% in 12 months, the first step could be redeveloping a revised marketing campaign and launch it within 8 weeks.

What swimlane are you in, what swimlane are others in

When several individuals or teams are involved in working towards a goal, it is important that each of them are clear of their role, their swimlane! Regular briefings are necessary, particularly on large scale projects to reflect on what is and isn’t working, alter the path when necessary and track progress.

Identify the Resources Needed

When the goal is set, the journey to success is mapped out be very clear on the skills required to bring the outcome to life, identify gaps and deal to them early.  Align team with similar or same values. 

Stick to your Deadlines.

Create a realistic timeline, and stick to it.  Be very clear what priorities come before this activity if there are constraints, be clear on where this activity sits within your overall priorities.

Celebrate the successes, and learnings as well.

Reward yourself and your team each time a target is met within the deadline and also when there has been a significant learning. 

Reflect and Revise Along the way.

It is rare to have a completely seamless journey to success in anything we do, being agile, creating a great team dynamic to reflect, revise, regularly, make it part of your weekly ways of working.  Recognise when something isn’t working and needs to be changed – not take weeks or days, address when the issue is identified.

Listen to those around you, even those you dont align to

Listening is a core skill for success, good, bad, indifferent.  Listen to between the lines, listen to the detractors, listen to the advocates.  Form your own opinion after listening. 

Imagine the feeling, the experiences you and others will have when the goal or outcome is realised.  Is the excitement of the goal larger than any fear you have to achieve it?  

If you have a fear that is greater than the feeling of excitement to realise the goal – address that fear now or you will never realise your goal. 

Love Life  Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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Ferne is globally recognised and called upon for quickly accelerating complex change to achieve business strategies.  Translating strategies to actionable plans, prioritisation of those actions, engagement from the right people, bringing business architecture to life or your life plan if individual and in many cases driving the change as a program director.  The bottom line is Ferne accelerates businesses or individuals to achieve outcomes and enabling that is her passion.

What's the consequence if you take no action?

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