Self-discipline is the only thing that separates success from failure and the real cool thing about that is it is 110% in our control!!!

We are not born with self-discipline… It is something we need to develop and practice.

What is it you want for you and or your business?

What price (ethically!) will you pay to get it?   

Role play top athletes!  I worked with the operations committee for the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.  I can tell you many athletes do not bounce out of bed every day and high five you about their routine for the day.  What they do, is high five you about their self-discipline – understanding the price they need to pay to achieve their goals.  Training for 10 hours a day for 2 years to achieve a medal for their country – that is self-discipline.

Self-discipline is like a muscle; it gets better the more you regularly exercise it.  It does not perform well when you stop start over a period of months.

Tip 1:  Do what you DON’T want to do first every day.

Tip 2. Take action every single day towards your goals (7 days a week!).  Even if it is a 10 minute activity on a Sunday.  Figure out what is compromised or how you will allow for this as a priority.  Get up earlier, give up golf for 6 months, get in optimal health to improve productivity.

Tip 3. Delay gratification, particularly with working at home!  Reward AFTER you have achieved an action.  If you need a ‘break’ do not get chocolate to reward 1/2 way, do not watch a movie as 1/2 way reward.  Only reward yourself on finishing an action.

Tip 4.  Praise yourself, and oftenYour mind only knows what YOU tell it.  If you continually tell your brain

“This is crap, I cannot do this”

“This is going to fail – the boss is not going to like this”

“I’m not confident with this task, everyone will think is stupid or below expectation”.

If you say those things to yourself, there is a high chance they will come true! 

 What if you said…

“This is challenging, but it is a step towards my target goal, and I will put passion and quality into everything I do”

“This is going to be so successful, the boss will love it”

“This task is a stretch for me, but I will apply myself as best I can and people will appreciate the effort I have put into it and my passion, energy and integrity will shine through”.

 is the ONLY thing between failure and success
and the ball is 110% in your court

Ferne Eliz King

Love Life Love YOUR Life


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Ferne is globally recognised and called upon for quickly accelerating complex change to achieve business strategies.  Translating strategies to actionable plans, prioritisation of those actions, engagement from the right people, bringing business architecture to life or your life plan if individual and in many cases driving the change as a program director.  The bottom line is Ferne accelerates businesses or individuals to achieve outcomes and enabling that is her passion.

What's the consequence if you take no action?

“If you do the same thing today as yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today”.  Ferne Eliz King

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