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In business and life: There’s always room for improvement

80% of executives believe their current operation models are insufficient for future growth (Source McKinsey). If you are part of this 80%, are you going to take you head out of the sand and implement innovative changes?

Have you ever noticed how over time stagnant water omits an odour? Something that was once clear, clean and consumable turns green and unappealing? Staying still has the same effect on a business. Whether you are currently achieving goals or not you must continuously strive to improve. Procrastinating the hard decisions or accepting things as ‘good enough’ will not get you the imaginable future you deserve.

What area of your operation model needs further development to support your BAU and growth strategies, inclusive of digital?

Valium essentially has a calming effect on the body and is typically used to treat anxiety and various other conditions and disorders. Our brains do not have eyes, and therefore relies messages sent by neurons within the body to identify how it should react to different stimulus. While a highly effective medication, Valium merely conceals the root of the problem from the brain and prolonged use can desensitise the user to its effectiveness. Valium should definitely not be without a prescription or medically diagnosed condition!

But, in either your personal life or your business are you guilty of taking ‘Metaphoric Valium’ without a prescription? I definitely am! Have you ever operated on autopilot, while you complete your daily tasks, as you continuously tell yourself (your brain!) that everything will be fine, because you just cannot handle that gut wrenching feeling you get when you think about the real issue? The bottom line is if things are mediocre at best the ‘Metaphoric Valium’ you are taking without a prescription is not helping. If you were to go to an accountant or a therapist would the advice be to continue ignoring your problems until they disappear, or continue operating in the same way until you get a different result? Eventually you will become ‘desensitised’ and you will be left with no option but to address the issues, which will have grown over time. It is time to remove those rose-coloured glasses and look realistically at the areas in your business or life needs to be addressed for further development and growth- there is always room for improvement.

Dreams are lovely but they are just dreams. Fleeting, ephemeral, pretty. But dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.

– Shonda Rhimes


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