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With the future in mind, what questions should you be asking yourself or your management team?


What is the ask of you?

Curiosity, courage with survival instincts while maintaining good values exhibited with kindness to individuals, the community and our environment, and please also ensure there is emergency funds if you are an individual and profits if you are a business. Oh, and whatever you do ensure it is of the highest value and you or your company are the ‘go to’ place for the service you offer.

To sustain this expectation of you, please take actions to feed your soul, inspire your curiosity continuously stretch to achieve something that is bigger than yourself.

Coupled with the above you need quality of life which in one word is HEALTH. Mind, body and soul.

Ensure you take the time to drink quality water, choose foods that do not poison you and regular journalling, meditation and audio / reading.

And we each have 24 hours. Ready, set …. GO !!

Nine questions to ask ourselves in being curious, bold and courageous to achieve the tomorrow we wish for our business and ourselves.

If you own a business ….

  1. What does success look like for you in the future? How will you measure your success differently from today?
  2. Can you articulate the value you provide and the need for it in the market?
  3. Do your people recognise and value the point of difference for your business and can they alter the way the convey that message to effectively communicate with all potential stakeholders?
  4. What area of your operation model needs further development to support your BAU and growth strategies, inclusive of digital?
  5. What phase is your business in Right to Play? Pursue? Disrupt?  Can you pinpoint your achilles’ heel?
  6. Can your internal capabilities develop new methods to take your value to the market or expose your value to new markets
  7. Can you assess your current investment portfolio (who is doing what and why) and have the courage to reprioritise, merge, stop, accelerate and start within 2 weeks? Can you match this against capability and capacity to do the work in the time required?
  8. Can you match your future value and market need against the capacity and capability you have to fulfill it today? Do you have a plan to address the gap?
  9. Do you have a roadmap of the journey to achieve your imaginable future, in relatable terms that will inspire people? Do you have a program to humanise the engagement between executives and your front line?

Having an understanding of the experience you want your customers to have, what they ask of you, and the experience your people wish to have is the whole ecosystem of experiences and relationships.  It is undesirable to have layers upon layers between the executives, the front line and your customers.  I believe there will be a demand to break down the layers to create a sense of aligned values in your ecosystem, and the values that do not align will be the Achilles’ heel of many organisations.

Questions for an individual  ….

  1. What does success look like for you in the future? How will you measure your success differently from today?
  2. What value do you provide? What is the need for this value in your peer group or workplace?
  3. Can you articulate the point of difference between you and your peers that is authentic to your values?
  4. What areas of your life do you need to address to support your journey and growth? 1. That which you love. 2. That which the world needs 3. That which you can be paid for 4. That which you are good at.
  5. Are you aligned with your employer/partner/family in the phase of life you are in? What is your achilles’ heel?
  6. Do you have the right influencers or contacts to help inspire you for ways to achieve your imaginable future?
  7. Are you willing to make changes and reprioritise over two weeks to move towards your imaginable future? What changes would you be willing to immediately make to begin to bridge the gap between now and your imaginable future?
  8. Can you articulate the gap between now and your future goal? Do you have a plan in place to succeed?
  9. Do you have an inspiring way to articulate your goals to those that matter? Are you proud to do so?

Having an understanding of the experience you want to have in this life is an ecosystem of experiences and relationships.  It is unnecessary to have layers upon layers of complexities in our lives. Having clarity on your imaginable future, taking actionable steps to achieve that after assessing inspired options, and knowing when to recheck the destination or the actions to achieve. The ecosystem of these experiences can be overwhelming and confusing, but in reality they are not complex. It all starts with the quality of questions we ask of ourselves.

How will you spend your 24 hours allocated per day?  With whom will you spend it with to address the asks of you and the questions to resolve?

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