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Growing your business

This week I ask a very pointed question. It gets people uncomfortable. We all need to be confident with our strengths and capabilities, and if there is a need that you cannot fulfill you must define your boundaries and play to your strengths.

But companies must set their people up to succeed. They should know the strengths and capabilities of each of their employees and use it to their advantage. It takes a certain style of person to create a product or service, and typically different type to lead the product or service into the market.

And then there is the skillset that can lead different WAYS to take both current and new products and services to the market.

It is about using the right roles, the right people, for the right tasks in growing your business.

Ask yourself:

Can your companies current capabilities expose your  value to the market in new and different ways?

Taking your value to the market effectively is an intricate process. If a comedian stepped onto a stage and said, ‘I’m funny person,’ would you believe them if you had never heard one of their jokes? To make their audience laugh a comedian has to be funny, not just state they are. They need to continuously measure the reactions of the crowd, at times alter their punchline or delivery to have a higher chance of success in entertaining different audiences. Their craft takes years to perfect, but even when accomplished the need for new material is endless. If they repeated the same jokes at every gig, their fans would lose interest. Comedians need to be resourceful to develop new fresh material, a lot of them will find inspiration in the most mundane of daily experiences such as seeing someone walking their dog each day or a conversation they overheard on public transport.

This is not dissimilar to taking your product or value to the market in business. As a comedian looks for new ways to entertain and provide fresh material, your people need to constantly pursue new markets and deliver new value to your existing market. As with comedy, timing is crucial- you must warm up your targeted market and deliver your value at the right moment, blindly posting an ad to a cold, and broad audience is not likely to get you any ‘laughs’.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together

– James Cash Penney


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