Why employee values should align with employer visions.

“When you do what you love and love what you do, you will have more energy at the end of the day than the beginning.” – Dr. John DeMartini

Companies need to employee people that will love what they do. When employees have passion, they will be inspired to work towards bigger goals and have increased productivity. All of this comes down to values.

Our values are the foundational to our thoughts, actions, and decisions. Everyone has a unique value system. The higher the value on our personal hierarchy, the more confident and knowledgeable we tend to be. When we engage in something high on our system of values, we become enthusiastic and extroverted. The opposite can be said for things that are lower on our value system, we tend to procrastinate, become introverted, and have less knowledge and confidence.

Aligning the value system of each employee with your company is a recipe for success. While experience and skills are important on paper, a ‘cultural fit’ is more important in practice. You will not receive the highest effort, passion or innovation from the employee that is there purely for the pay cheque. When your employee’s values align with your companies, their will be increased motivation and passion in their work, they will want to improve by setting goals and working towards them. They will have fulfilment in their role and work in collaboration with you towards a shared vision each day.

When interviewing prospective employees, ask questions to gain insight on their value system. Select employees not just on their skills and knowledge but on how well their value system aligns with your company’s vision.

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Ferne Eliz King

Based on insights from Dr John DeMartini whom has been a mentor of mine for years. Amended by Ferne Eliz King.

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