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Your Eulogy


Have you ever considered what your loved ones will say about you to celebrate your life after you have gone?

Although this blog is based on a confronting and morbid topic, I intend for it to be inspirational, so bear with me.

Let’s try a quick exercise. Write out your eulogy, even if it is in bullet point form. Ask yourself the following questions, and if you want an honest depiction of what your eulogy may look like ask the same questions to some close friends and family members.

  • What are the traits people love and will miss about you?
  • What are the values you are best known for?
  • What are your achievement and or impacts? Both personally and professionally.
  • What are your passions in life?
  • What are the fondest memories you have made with your loved ones/ what are theirs of you?
  • How did you make people feel?
  • Who loves you and why?
  • Who dislikes you and why?
  • What is your legacy?

Are you happy with the way your life will be highlighted? Or more to the point… Is there anything else you would want people to say about you? What else do you need to achieve and what changes do you need to make to be that person?

What passion in your life makes you the happiest? The thing you would do for free… It doesn’t have to be related to your career, it could be your family, or another hobby you love. Let this passion shine for you and for everyone to see!

The next step is to plan the actionable steps to be the person you want everyone to remember.

What life achievement are you currently most proud of? List the further achievements that you would like to accomplish. Use your imagination, think about:

  • The places you would like to go
  • The things you would like to learn
  • The memories you want to create with certain people
  • The personal characteristics do you want to shine
  • The things you want to achieve in your career
  • The things that will make you an inspiration to your loved ones
  • The legacy you wish to leave behind or the impact you wish to have

Write these down and keep a copy for yourself… This is your new bucket list. Give a second copy to a close family member, when the time comes, they will be able to check these things off and use them to write your eulogy.

Break down each goal on your bucket list into actionable steps. If you want to climb Mount Everest you don’t need to jump on a plane today, but you can start saving and you can start training so in time you will be in the right financial and physical state to succeed in this dream.

Don’t let your fears or insecurities stop you being the person you want to become. Don’t wait around for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity to arise, if you keep putting it off, you will never succeed. We don’t know how much time we have left so seize each day like it is your last. This means using your time wisely and limiting unproductive activities such as screen time. Use that extra time to work towards living the inspiring life you want for yourself. Don’t waste a single day, even one step in the right direction is progress.

Remember this short journey called life is meant to be enjoyed. Take it as seriously as you choose but don’t forget to take the time to create wonderful memories with your loved ones that will survive in their thoughts after you have left this earth.

Love Life Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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I specialise in prioritising and sequencing initiatives, projects, programs to facilitate businesses to achieve their aspirational future along with easy and clear practices to manage strategic change and tactical change.

I have over 30 years’ experience as a globally renowned consultant and have managed over 2.5 billion in programs of work as well as set up complex portfolio management offices.

My goal is to help individuals and businesses of all sizes achieve their aspirational future with key focuses on:

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  • Critical thinking for strategic and tactical change
  • Shift in mindset, principles, and practices
  • Attain clarity in your focus, improved prioritisation and decision making
  • Advice for merger and acquisitions – day one readiness and beyond

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Love Life Love YOUR Life

Ferne Eliz King

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