I cannot make up my mind between these two statements ..

“To inspire action to ignite change so that you realise your imaginable future.” or

“To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, we can change our world.”

I love love love my why, I love it when I get to laugh with my friends and colleagues (as per the cover photo of me laughing! ) as an outcome of living my dream – living my why.

There is a whole life journey of experiences that feeds into this why.  I think from my earliest memory as a toddler was to figure out a way to achieve an outcome via a different way than was currently being undertaken. As life progressed there have been plenty of occassions where I also needed to rethink the destination.  We all have a story, I am proud, inspired and grateful that my story had some awesome mentors along the way.

What I do?

My superpower is to ignite inspiring change for individuals and business.  Partnering with inspired individuals, unlocking human curiosity that in turn creates options.  Taking those options and rapidly rejig actions and focus to realise your imaginable future.

Delivering transformation change is my specialty along with looking at a portfolio or quantity of actions and contributing to what to stop, start, merge or defer to another time to make way for your path ahead.

How do I do it?

Partnering with inspired individuals applying my consulting and coaching services to deliver transformation change as I have done globally for 30+ years.  I do this with businesses and  individuals supported by the consulting firm I work with or by on line material I’ve developed.

What do I mean?

I had a choice, reskill and do something else – or do what I know best and do well and figure out different ways of doing it.  I’ve taken my 30+ years of global transformation experience of over 2.5B of programs and coaching and influencing 100’s of people and rejigged the way in which I deliver that service.

Often people will say – give Ferne your goal and see how rapidly she will help get you there?

  • 80% of business transformations fail AND of the small %, reportedly 3%!, of the population who set goals, only 8% actually achieve – engaging with me helps increase your odds!
  • Only 10% of our population say they achieved what they wanted in life – engaging with me helps increase your odds!
  • Going from feeling lost, stressed, overwhelmed to refreshed, in control, passionate
  • Get results by being relatable and personable
  • Solving for solutions to achieve their tomorrow – rapidly
  • Good communicator and has the ability to cut through complexity and politics to avoid inertia
  • Facilitator, negotiator, leader
  • Ability to recognise individuals’ key strengths and bring people together
  • One of the most inspiring, hardest working and authentic people & leaders
  • Insightful, balanced, mindful and soulful.
  • Significant knowledge and understanding of change management and leadership
  • Guides and inspires
  • Clear view of plan, strategy and required procedures
  • Strategic, compassionate, and transformational leader
  • Manages project portfolios and large projects in very complex environments
  • Guiding and coaching senior executives in what needs to be don

But who am I… what has happened to create my why?

I grew up in a low socioeconomic environment where my emotional and physical safety was not always tended to. From a young age I was determined that I didn’t want to have the life I had as a child as an adult. So, what was I going to create my imaginable future? Transforming my life path was far from easy! My father always said ‘learn from people that get knocked down and keep getting back up again, and have others learn from you!’.. I can’t count the amount of times I have been knocked down and wanted to stay there, but those words have always stuck with me, and that advice is attributed to getting the future I wanted for myself!

Fast forward to my now, I live on a beautiful property navigating the early days of a relationship seperation during Covid.  I am a mother to a 6-year-old girl who I conceived at the age of 49 after 15 rounds of IVF.  I designed and built a tiny house so my 84-year-old mother could live on the property with us and be close to my daughter, while still having her own independence. This led me into a Tiny House business, where we have 1.6M online views to one of my designs. I had part of my stomach removed in 2019 due to early signs of cancer while in a massive transformation role for a major bank in Australia.  This lead to a serious look at my health and home environment, I now talk to others about the lifestyle changes I chose to make as a foundational element to achieving sustainable success.   Over the past 30+ years I have had a wonderful career travelling the world as a professional service consultant AND LOVED IT!! I have been fortunate enough to have been mentored by many awesome CXO;s and Dr John Dimartini, Dr Alicia Fortinberry and Michelle Murray- their insight stretched my thinking and got me to believe in myself to achieve the life I live now.  

We all have a story .. mine is no more complex or confusing as others but I am proud of what I have done with my lessons and being brave to take that on line to help others achieve their imaginable future. 


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About Ferne

Ferne is globally recognised and called upon for quickly accelerating complex change to achieve business strategies.  Translating strategies to actionable plans, prioritisation of those actions, engagement from the right people, bringing business architecture to life or your life plan if individual and in many cases driving the change as a program director.  The bottom line is Ferne accelerates businesses or individuals to achieve outcomes and enabling that is her passion.

What's the consequence if you take no action?

“If you do the same thing today as yesterday, your tomorrow will be the same as today”.  Ferne Eliz King

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